Author Topic: Why are you investing? What do you dream of?  (Read 1349 times)

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I can only speak for myself but these are my main incentives:

  • Being part of something which has a great potential to change the world, or at least change the way we think of companies, banking and other everyday internet activities.
  • There's lots of innovation inside 3I and although there's innovation in other companies as well I really have the feeling that they have the team, funding and mindset to make things happen. They stand for their ideas and not just looking to make some quick bucks
  • These ideas open the gate for new ideas and there's just so much opportunity for everyone
  • Money wise not so much, sure I'd be more then happy to make some money but I'm more in it with an entrepreneur vision then investor vision.
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I am a fan of the concepts and techniques behind 3I's DACs .. thats it

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i was reading the "Is it like you don't care about PTS..."-thread and when thinking further i asked myself the question: "Why are people here? Why are they investing their time and money and their life into this project?" So i will just ask you: "Why are you investing in Cryptocurrencies and this project? What do you dream of? Is it just the money? Is it to be rich? Or is there more to it?"

Im all ears ;)

thanks for your time