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Do you have Youtobe?

You are welcome to join our facebook private group if you wish? just send me a pm here.

It's just a few of us where we talk about trading and other life issues lol

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Any webpage with some legal fine print that can make your project look less scammy?

How exactly does this look 'scammy'? also how can it possibly be 'scammy'?  it is the buying and selling of something. it can only be a scam if the user doesn't receive what they purchased. Please correct me if i'm wrong. Hate scammers and don't appreciate having it implied that I am one. This was actually created so people can actually make some money through trading cryptocurrencies. People have made alot of bts already where as my account (the issuer account) has pretty much zero in it, it's all put back into the market. You can check that on cryptofresh.

My advice to you would be to not trade with us, if you think it's a scam. You must do whats best for you. unfounded claims of scammyness isn't a decent way to go about things.

Have a good day  8)

Thanks for the welcome ebit  :)

Twitter -
Soundcloud -
Soundcloud -
Vibe official house - new website under construction

The two below are abit naff as they are newish accounts...

Facebook -
You tube -

If you feel the need to google search for Schizz, Schizzofficial, Vibez, Vibezofficial, 2vibez

Check my friends list on facebook, its quite easy to find out my real name as i don't work in the shadows and you might get an idea of who i was speaking of that may come on board. Not that that is needed to justify myself. it is what it is, what i say it is, it is trading nicely already, people are making bts, it's doing exactly what it says on the tin and is backed up by music industry sales.

That is all  :)
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Do you have Youtobe?
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Any webpage with some legal fine print that can make your project look less scammy?

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Here is the direct link to the UIA on OL...

Currently trading at 29.5 (at time of writing)

We look forward to you joining us  8)

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New UIA created by UK House music producer Vibez and supported by the music industry as well as a team of professional traders.

As we grow more producers will get on board, some very well known, helping to give stability and continued value growth to the asset.

It will be managed by the team and not left unsupervised. All profit from the asset issuer will be put back into the market to help it prosper and grow.

We have started the rate at 10-1, (it is already 12.5 as of writing) We want our currency to have the best possible start.

It will be worked hard behind the scenes to be kept stable, to combat undercutting and large sell offs that try to devalue UIA's.

We hope to create a market with fair trading practices, buying from the lowest sell and trading for profit. We want everyone to make money as a team.

Please leave your greed at the door!

VIBERZ is the asset name, currently trading BTS - VIBERZ:BTS

We welcome you!  :D