Author Topic: Are forum email notifications working?  (Read 15725 times)

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Hi guys

Im afraid that the email notifications that usually get sent when a thread you follow is replied to, or when you are sent a PM, isnt working. Working on it tonight.

You will need to check your posts til it is fixed.

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It stopped working for me until I came back to the forum and looked around after being away for a well. It's not always reliable. A hit or miss.
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Even weirder, looks like at least one of my email notifications somehow got sent to Lance instead of myself. So definitely looks like somehow there is something weird with the Pobox email forwarding (which I've never had any issues with otherwise) combined with BitSharesTalk emails. Hopefully things will be ok now that I've switched back to my other email.

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I have no problem with the notifications. I get them per mail. Did you go to the extra posting options and activated "Notify me of replies."?
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it used to work for reports, wouldn't be surprised if it is broken

Offline vikram

For the record I am using for our emails so I assume there is some incompatibility with their forwarding and the email sending.

Offline vikram

Just tried with my current address and also changing back to my previous address. Not receiving any emails if I try to reset my password.

Edit: Nvm I seem to have just received a reset password link to my address. Seems like there may be an issue with using the email so I will stay away from that for now.
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Offline vikram

I sent you a test message. Did it notify your inbox?

Ah just replied to your PM before seeing this. I did not get an email about the PM but I think that may be normal if you are already online on the forum when it is received? But I am pretty sure that I am not receiving emails for PMs when I am not on the forum for example I got a PM earlier today but no corresponding email. I'm looking at my email trashcan and it looks like the last time I successfully received a forum notification mail was Nov. 1 2016.

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I sent you a test message. Did it notify your inbox?
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Offline vikram

I think this has been going on for quite a while. I no longer seem to receive emails to notify of mentions, PMs, etc. Is anyone else having this problem?