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Re: Marketing Marketing Marketing
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2017, 01:31:35 pm »
Okay, if you want the facts, the fact is that we are currently THE BIGGEST and FASTEST Decentralized Exchange.

Also, we are the first blockchain to have decentralized governance. During & after the Beyond Bitcoin Mumble, I've did some digging, and here are the findings.

Dash claims to be the first such system, and they are partially correct. Their idea about that was posted in April 2015, and implemented in August.

Bitshares 2.0 that automated the current worker system was launched in October 2015, however first person to be employed by the blockchain was this guy, and here is an explanation about that:

I can add links to other documents that were mentioned above, if that is necessary.

I'd also like to get people together to do research and gathering of source documents, that we can use to write a wikipedia article about Bitshares, since there is none. And while a few pages mention bitshares, it is either in passing, or in slightly negative light. A good approach would be to rectify the situation. While it isn't marketing per se, more of a PR thing, we are sorely lacking in that department as well.

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Re: Marketing Marketing Marketing
« Reply #16 on: April 15, 2017, 01:46:37 pm »
Hey RG- thanks for taking the bull by the horns on this! I like your actionable plan to get the ball rolling. I have a bit of feedback.

While I think it's OK for us to call Bitshares a "DEX" when referring to it, I don't think using acronyms in the actual marketing materials we generate is the most effective way to proceed here. I think we should spell it out. "Distributed Exchange" or "Peer-to-peer Exchange" might be better. From what I've seen, it's hard to get the average joe caring about decentralization for the sake of decentralization. We can talk about this more next Wednesday.

To those interested- I'm going to PM you an agenda document we started drafting up in the last meeting. I think it would be helpful to define an agenda ahead of time so we can stay focused on topic for the next meeting. If anyone else wants the agenda, please message me. :) I'm avoiding publishing the link publicly here so a troll can't delete it.

Xanoxt- on the topic of a Bitshares wikipedia page, this is something I started with KenCode a long time ago. I think I actually lost the most recent draft but here's a draft that I could find:

There's a lot of info there on the history of Bitshares as explained on these forums by Stan and others. It needs a lot of love, much of the information there was pre-Graphene. if anyone would like to collaborate on this again I'd be happy to help pick up the pieces. Message me privately for edit access. The Wikipedia admins are a tough crowd... they kept telling me the draft sounded too much like marketing lingo. And because I haven't touched the wikipedia draft in a long time, they just deleted it entirely. That draft on Wikipedia was actually adapted to explain the changes introduced by Graphene too. Oh well!
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