Author Topic: MemoryCoin could be the latin altcoin of choice  (Read 842 times)

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MemoryCoin could be the altcoin that the Latin community is finally willing to accept. It has been my experience that when something’s name doesn’t roll off ones tongue it is easy for the large majority of Spanish speaking people, dismiss the item, subject, product or idea in question. I’ve even noticed that when something’s name doesn’t roll off ones tongue (in Spanish) its Spanish speaking peoples custom to ridicule, and belittle it because its name has a very unimportant ring to it, examples of these are bitcoin and litecoin.

The reason for this is because the words bit and coin haven’t yet to be adopted by the Latin community and those words don’t really sound like anything (other than strange sounds), and lite just means diet, “Memory” on the other hand is close enough sounding to the Spanish word Memoria so that the translation is easily made, therefor only leaving one new word left to learn, coin.

IMO, less new words to learn translates in to wider acceptance…
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