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@MrWang & WangChange News & Announcements
« on: May 30, 2017, 07:20:37 pm »
MrWang & WangChange Update
With the high cost of LTM and my inability to get a worker proposal created and running because of the current high prices.. I've shifted focus back to the basics of my filmmaking efforts and revamped the "MrWang" brand and "WangChange" to mesh all my social media pages, content, style and affiliations together under a consistent looking complete brand.
The new and improved WangChange (UIA)
A fancoin or (UIA) User Issued Asset, that pays share drops from affiliates and the rewards of MrWang post. WANGCHANGE also supports/promotes video related content thru steemit, (Currently in development stage), beyondbitcoin, Viva and any social media page/platform managed or owned by the [member=43281]MrWang[/member] team.

The tokens can be traded with any altcoin/asset in the bitshares DEX at the relative value of $150/ token. Anyone interested in becoming a partner, affiliate OR cross promote with the brand MrWang, please contact [member=43281]MrWang[/member] or [member=43173]virtualgrowth[/member] with your offer. Please contact us if you wish to offer tokens for drawings & giveaways including cross promoting your projects and draw more attention, your way.

Updated, WANGCHANGE Perks for token holders, Starting June 1st
.1 For as long as you hold at least .1 WC, You will receive Upvotes from [member=43281]MrWang[/member] (Must provide your Steemit account via Discord,, telegram or comments). Also, share drops of any altcoins/tokens affiliated with WANGCHANGE. (Please contact me or [member=43173]virtualgrowth[/member] directly if you wish to become an affiliated partner of WANGCHANGE)
Perks for owners of at least 1 FULL token valued at $150.00
Will now receive 20% share drops from the rewards of [member=43281]MrWang[/member] post.

NEW WANGCHANGE Exchanges & Buy Backs

Becoming a token holder and supporter of WANGCHANGE can be quite expensive for a lot of users in our community. I realized the need to offer everyone an opportunity to benefit from the token and I'm excited to announce the ability to exchange WANGCHANGE for goods and services designed by, endorsed or offered by [member=43281]MrWang[/member] and affiliated partners/ projects. The exchanges offered in my steemit post, here: will eventually be redeemable on the MrWang website once it's up and running. Until then, they may be redeemed thru the DEX and providing the Corresponding Promo Code in the MEMO and/or contacting me directly for any further information needed.

I will also be creating another "TBA" uia token for anyone interested in becoming a "Sponsor" or Producer of my videos. These tokens will be redeemable at 100 Wangchange and makes you a credited "Producer" or "Partner" with [member=43281]MrWang[/member] and gives you 40% share drops from rewards on post, youtube channel and any platform MrWang content is provided and generates revenue. You will also receive some creative influence in production of my content.

Right Now the [member=43281]MrWang[/member] brand and WangChange token is supported & sponsored by [member=602]fuzzy[/member] , [member=43173]virtualgrowth[/member] and [member=39182]tbone[/member] who are all credited in my videos along with brand/logos promoting Bitshares, BeyondBitcoin & Steemit. They understand my true talents and potential, not to mention they value the type of content and personality I bring. Thanks guys

Please Watch This Video Link Below and Stay tuned for More Updates

Thank you for supporting MrWang and WangChange... I'm very proud to be a part of this community. I look forward to even greater things in the near future.

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Re: @MrWang & WangChange News & Announcements
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Just a quick response to say great to see and hear.  Look forward to working with MrWang and what may come our way in the future with working together.

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Re: @MrWang & WangChange News & Announcements
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