Author Topic: Sai - Maker's first generation stablecoin  (Read 974 times)

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For those that are unaware: Their leader (@Rune) used to be very active in BitShares. @nikolai/@toast used to be a developer at Cryptonomex who has worked on BitShares2 for a couple months.

The concepts behind Maker/Dai are similar yet different. For instance, they allow to back their dai/dai with multiple different assets, while in BitShares, only one type of collateral is allowed.
Their margin calls are different as well ...

Anyways, I wish the all the best with their project - I am confident they can pull this off as they have a very good and dedicated team!

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Hi all,

I've just noticed MakerDAO's announcement about Sai, their version of stablecoin - a temporary solution before Dai is implemented.

After reading the article it seems like they took best ideas from BitShares and added a lot of complexity on top of Ethereum network.  What do you think?