Author Topic: [POLL] Should Peerplays token (PPY) trade on the Bitshares DEX??  (Read 5507 times)

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Of course!  How is this even a question? 

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Will ask the devs to begin procerdure



Awesome! I think most everyone would much rather use Open Ledger/Bitshares DEX than -> Market Data, Portfolios, Information, Links, Reviews, Forums, Blogs, Etc. -> Tradable Blockchain Asset PvP Card Game

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Will ask the devs to begin procerdure


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Of course it should be added, why wouldn't we want to do that?

It's not like we have sidechains, or trustless crosschain trading ready to go.

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Yes please Ronny.....on the DEX would be fantastic.  Given the broad trust you are building with Openledger, it would be a fantastic addition.

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Actually, on the DEX is the ONLY place I would trade it.

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The results of this poll are probably among the easiest to predict in the history of polls.

Yes, obviously, add it.
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I've thrown in my hat for PPY on OpenLedger. Good luck Jon. And thanks Ronny.
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You mean to tell me it's not on the DEX yet!!???