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Can you help me recover BTS that went to an address that is not mine?  Binance cannot assist.

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Hi Julian,
I have created my bitshares wallet a few weeks ago. I have my account name and password, but now I cannot log into my account as it keeps saying incorrect password. Do you think you can help?

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Big shout out to Julian Heller (aka fluxer555) for his awesome recovery service!

I had an old corrupt PTS wallet from 2014 and after trying to extract the keys via multiple methods including bitshares 0.9.3c and pywallet, I decided as a last resort to give it over to him. He managed to salvage the private key from the corrupted file and was excellent at communicating over skype, I wholeheartedly recommend his service if you have a wallet which is corrupt!

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I had not looked at my account for over6 months. When I tried to sign in it kept telling me incorrect password, yet it is the one I opened my account with. I have my permission keys but not sure how to use them to change password.
Initially, I had over 3000BTS. I assume the same amount is still in my account

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I bought a few Angleshares back in 2014, and became curious if I could still claim any shares.

 I've read through the forum and docs how to do this, but after 3 days I could only see a nice amout of BTS in my client, but I could'nt claim them.
I thought that I've made a mistake and probably lost everything

Then I asked fluxer555 for help.
After half an hour on Skype, he was able to restore my BTS!

I could have saved time, sweat and (almost) tears, if I had asked for his help right away. :)

To all late AGS/PTS hodlers: ask fluxer555 for help instead of risking a loss.

I just wish I had invested more in AGS!  :P
+70,000% in 3 years!!

Thank you very much fluxer555!

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@fluxer555 o sent you both a pm and a Skype message, can you reply please? Really need your help with wallet recovery. Thanks! Natalia

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I just had a Skype call with fluxer555 aka Julien.
He was a true gentleman and my personal hero of the day.
With his help, I could claim my old ProtoShares in BitShares.
Highly recommended service, well worth it! :)

Thanks again!

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Dear Fluxer
I need your help as I cannot access my account . Keep getting the Incorrect password 'message' although I was very sure of what password I set.


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My name is Julien, and I have been an active contributing member of the Bitshares community since 2013. I am offering a one-on-one personal wallet recovery service, over voice with Skype (with or without screen share). I have recovered over 40 users' funds since May 2017 , from a variety of circumstances. Here is an incomplete list of services that I provide:
  • Claiming BTS from PTS/AGS keys in Bitshares 2.0
  • Claiming MUSE from PTS/AGS keys in MUSE 2.0
  • Migrating from Bitshares 1.0 to Bitshares 2.0
  • Recovering funds from Brain Key (1.0 or 2.0)
  • Restoring missing balances
  • Recovering lost passwords (brute force)
  • Un-deleting wallets (forensic recovery)
  • Recovering account data from browser localstorage
  • PTS/AGS claim audit (You may have more Bitshares than you realize!)
  • Anything else- contact me!
My fee is 10% of successfully recovered assets. You never have to trust me with your wallet or private keys, and you pay me based on an honor system.

(For brute force and forensic recoveries, the fee is 20%.)

December 2017 Update: I have become very busy, and unfortunately must start having a minimum fee of $500 (worth of BTS or otherwise). If you are not sure how much BTS you have (because you still need to claim them from PTS or AGS) then please contact me.


 - Kobalt13 (source)

"fluxer555 and I worked yesterday and today to recover all my BTS plus some extra I was unaware of."
 - bitcoinnoisseur (source)

"I really thought those coins were lost until Fluxer555 contacted me."
 - crumb-bum (source)

"HUGE thanks due to fluxer555, a true gent. He helped me recover funds I didn't even know I had."
 - mrbildo (source)

"Perfect service from fluxer555! I can't understand how and where he found the extra BTS"
- Spratan (source)

Feel free to PM me here, or directly add me to Skype at fluxanomaly627

Julien (fluxer555)

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 Hi I lost my BTS back up and I deleted my history on safari browser can you help me I still have the password to open my account but I do not have the back up files ,btsbin backup  lost ,,

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Hi Fluxer,

I need help:

Claiming MUSE from PTS/AGS keys in MUSE 2.0 and
PTS/AGS claim audit (You may have more Bitshares than you realize!)

I am running BitShares 2.0 and have the original BTC and PTS donation addresses and wallet.dat files. I have already recovered significant assets and am wondering if there are anymore.



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Hi fluxer,

I need your assistance asap please.
I can not access my account.
Please get back to me.


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Hi @fluxer555 , could you please pm me as well? I'm trying to understand why I'm getting an incorrect password now when it's all worked before.
Thank you in advance.
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I’ve sent you a message on skype a pm here, I’m willing to pay you double your fee if it can be done and quickly! I kind of need the funds!

Thank you!

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Hi Fluxer555,

 When I import the  the bitsharesX-0.4.12 wallet json to bitshares-0.5.3,it shows this:

【【 Failed to restore wallet backup. Your original wallet has been restored. Error: file not found(20019)
Filename to import from could not be found! 】】
Do you know what does this means? Is that no chance to recover a restored bitsharesX-0.4.12 wallet json?