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Guys, just contact him using SKYPE. Just got back my BTS.
He's awesome!

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My name is Julien, and I have been an active contributing member of the Bitshares community since 2013. I am offering a one-on-one personal wallet recovery service, over voice with Skype (with or without screen share). I have recovered many users' funds over the past few months, from a variety of circumstances. Here is an incomplete list of services that I provide:
  • Claiming BTS from PTS/AGS keys in Bitshares 2.0
  • Claiming MUSE from PTS/AGS keys in MUSE 2.0
  • Migrating from Bitshares 1.0 to Bitshares 2.0
  • Recovering funds from Brain Key (1.0 or 2.0)
  • Restoring missing balances
  • Recovering lost passwords (brute force)
  • Un-deleting wallets (forensic recovery)
  • Recovering account data from browser localstorage
  • PTS/AGS claim audit (You may have more Bitshares than you realize!)
  • Anything else- contact me!
My fee is 10% of successfully recovered assets. You never have to trust me with your wallet or private keys, and you pay me based on an honor system.

(For brute force and forensic recoveries, the fee is 20%.)


 - Kobalt13 (source)

"fluxer555 and I worked yesterday and today to recover all my BTS plus some extra I was unaware of."
 - bitcoinnoisseur (source)

"I really thought those coins were lost until Fluxer555 contacted me."
 - crumb-bum (source)

"HUGE thanks due to fluxer555, a true gent. He helped me recover funds I didn't even know I had."
 - mrbildo (source)

"Perfect service from fluxer555! I can't understand how and where he found the extra BTS"
- Spratan (source)

Feel free to PM me here, or directly add me to Skype at fluxanomaly627

Julien (fluxer555)

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Thank you so much! Professional service. He knows what he's doing! Helped me import my wallet from Protoshares to 0.9.3 to Bitshares 2.0!

Happy Customer.

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Hi Julien, Could you help me recover my account?  Can't get in, incorrect password.  But I entered the password I wrote down immediately.  Thanks a lot.

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If bought a new computer can just download the latest client, enter in my private keys, and everything will be back to normal?

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Sent a PM to this person four days ago, no response yet.  Wondering whether he or she is still doing this.

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Hello, I created my wallet point open, which has WWW222 account backup wallet, when the transaction shows no private key can not be traded, you can pay the fee
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Hey! I have purchased BTS today with your Bitshares Version 2.0.171102 (2.0.171102.428) with incoming BTC transaction which is
Can you tell how to get my BTS and when it will arrive ?
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Hi Julien,

Is everything OK with you? We set a Skype appointment on Skype a few weeks ago.
I don't know what happened, but I went to meet you, and SMS'd you in Skype. After
about an hour, logged out. Text of my SMSs  turned gray (rather than black as before).
Wrote to you via Linkedin as well.

Could you let me know what happened to the plan?

We were going to recover the 34K of BTS from my 9.346 wallet.

Thanks! I hope you weren't in an accident or something...  ?

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plase someone help plz  Im do not have control over my acount avery time i WANT to send my money to coinbase the have some wisnnes they cancel my order and open a new order and also i have bitcoin in my wallet and disapear. plz help any one plz .

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I have an issue that requires assistance (maybe even at the dev team level)
I have moved my coins from bittrex to poloniex

The memo is correct, however, I don't know for whatever reasons, the deposit adress changed and I did not write "poloniexwallet" in the deposit adress but an other one...
I know one could say "You should contact the owner of the adress and hope for the best" but there is something specific to my, and I would like to discuss that privately if possible?

My issue might even be fixed by any team member here (or so I hope)

Please let me know by DM me that you have seen this message so we can further talk about it.

Thanks in advance.

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i just need some simple and general guidance on a missing withdraw if you could give some free tips that would be appreciated?

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Hopefully you can help ... recently registered a new wallet online although now when i try to log in the password says invalid even though I wrote it down and sure it's correct ! Recently had to restore my browser so not sure if this would effect it.


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Why did my coin not arrive at/in new other wallet?  Stuck in powerledger!!??
Please advise and how do we get these things back?
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