Author Topic: How to change the currency for fees  (Read 1312 times)

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Yes, you are right, it's solved now. The problem was that although I had a lot of BitShares in my account, they all were accidentaly tied in an open order so I couldn't use it for paying fees and UI somehow chose different assets.

I'll create an UI issue on GitHub for this because it might be quite confusing for users.

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To my knowledge, the fee is picked by the frontend. On some screens, you can pick the fee on your own, some others pick the fees for you. It's a frontend thing.

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today I wanted to cancel an open order on OBITS_USD market and it failed because it wanted to pay transaction fee in TRADE.BTC which I own but it's just dust. Later I wanted to change my votes and it wanted to pay transaction fee in QORA.

Why are not fees denominated in BTS? How to change it to BTS? It is happening in both Firefox 54 and Chrome 59.