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now it wants private key to sign contact

What do you mean? Can you show us a screenshot?

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The system is complicated, it's not just you.

I'm not sure if this will help you - I've only used the web based account model:
Click the gear icon in the top right -> settings -> accounts -> view keys -> owner permissions.
There will be a long code under account/key/address - this is your public key. Click this key - it will then bring up the "Private Key Viewer" window. Click "show" to see your private key.

Don't share your private key, be very careful with it! I can't comment on whether you should use the private key for what it is you want to do - hopefully somebody else can help you there.
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Why is the wallet so complicated to use? I have cvcoins plus i transferred bts to my wallet, I am lost with this wallet. I am the only one that will use the wallet. what doi need to do. I have password which i used to log in now it wants private key to sign contact, man this needs to be easier for us newbies.