Author Topic: How to access my account / wallet for BTS ?  (Read 922 times)

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.bin is an encrypted wallet... you still need to know your password.

To restore the wallet from backup, go to Settings -> Restore/Import -> select your file -> enter password -> Submit

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I also cannot login to my openledger account with my password through my browser wallet but I see my account and balances...

I might have tried the wrong password. I thought I backed it up - with a .bin file? I don't know how these work, though but I do have them..(bts_default_20170617) - is this a backup for my browser wallet? How can I use it to unlock my browser wallet??

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I am really confused to get back access to my BTS coins while I created an account a long time ago.

I just saved the URL which seemed to be enough at the time.

Now, I don't know what to do as it always ask for a password apparently
which I don't remember I used... but anyway, if I did, it should be one of the few
I tried unsuccessfully.

I even created a Bitcny account at some point, and I was able to see the BTS coins.

But now, even while using the good URL, good browser, and having some login info
recorded, it does not work and tells incorrect password no matter what.

Can someone explain what I should do to open the existing accounts?