Author Topic: Vote for educatedwarrior-witness as PPY Witness  (Read 3109 times)

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It's very good with what you are doing right now.

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Amazing weapon!
Voted by PPY account: bts-yaozongqiu

My standby PPY witness witness-yao  need your vote, thx.
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To All Inhabitants of The PeerPlays Universe!!!!!
New Witness in town.
Seed Node To Come
API Node To Come
I’m asking for your vote.

To me being a witness is not all about money to me… it’s about making a contribution to society. And nothing beats making a living making by making a contribution to society. That is what I believe being part of the blockchain revolution should be about.

As I explained in an article I wrote a couple months ago ( … we humans could either be enslaved or liberated by blockchain technology. We can either sit back, watch things happen and throw our hands up when the outcome is not what we want; or we could make things happen and chart a course for a better future.

All my life I have never been a person to sit back and watch things happen. The proof is in the pudding for many of my achievements…. such as earning All-American in athletics, mechanical engineering degree, martial arts blackbelt, etc. It takes discipline and dedication to be successful in any endeavor and I exemplify that.

My experience with block chain technology started when I went to my first Bitcoin conference held 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia USA. There I met a number of people I remain friends with to this day. On a side note, I got an opportunity to speak with Dan Larimer before he wrote his white paper on Invictus.. met Adam Levine from "Let's Talk Bitcoin". The things that were discussed blew my mind at that time and to see it all come to play is even more mind blowing.

My involvement in blockchain technology began with mining alt-coins and bitcoins. Then I single-handedly ran mining pools for over 20 alt-coins. Before Docker containers were available, I used puppet to script configuration of my mining pools. This allowed me to single handedly run 20 mining pools at the same time.

I’m the type of person that tries to figure out things myself first, and I know when to get help. As a teammate, I pull my own weight.

As part of the witness team, I will develop collaborative relationships with other witnesses. I will invest in infrastructure to support scalability needs.

One thing I have learned over my years of IT experience is being well-rounded gives you an advantage in developing solutions to problems. As blockchain technology gets more advanced good problem-solving skills are key and I will use my God given talents to contribute.

So if you vote for me as a witness this is what you get.
• Dedicated with a PASSION
• Over 20 years’ experience in Information Technologies including programming, database design, UNIX scripting, dev ops, computer networking.
• Experience with mitigating DDOS attacks

• Dedicated Witness Node
o 256 GB RAM (upgradeable to 512 GB)
o 256 GB SSD
o 32 Cores at 3.0 Ghz (upgradeable to 64 cores)

• Backup Witness Node
o 32 GB RAM
o 256 GB SSD
o 12 Cores at 3.0 Ghz

• 1 GBPS Fiber-optic Internet Uplink
• Smart Router with DDOS protection

As you can see, the infrastructure I currently have will support Peerplays for now and future growth. After my witness node is up and running I will work with the Peerplays team to get a seed node and api node set up as well.

Please vote for my witness “educatedwarrior-witness”. I will contribute my God given talents to make the world a better place.
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