Author Topic: ***MUSE Snapshot date - withdraw OPEN.MUSE ASAP***  (Read 2413 times)

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we expect to offer all users who did not manage to transfer muse to native wallet to have their equivalent muse dropped on their accounts in this week as well as activate trading of Muse on OpenLedger again.


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To everyone that has the asset OPEN.MUSE on OPENLEDGER.
You need to withdraw this asset and put in into your Muse wallet before the snapshot date - AUGUST 9th!

Once the new Muse launches, you'll be able to claim your stake and then send the new MUSE asset to OpenLedger for global trading again.

1. Ensure your MUSE is sitting in your wallet (not on exchanges)
2. Keep it there until the 12th of August – do not transfer it around or trade it 
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