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Here is your chance to get in on this project, bitshares....

We have decided to take this project to the bitcointalk community and offer the same investment/contribution opportunities:
Here is a link to our post in Bitcointalk forums..

We will be offering this opportunity to Bitshares & Bitcoin communities.. whichever community can get us at least $100,000 will be the "official" sponsor of the CryptoCrush Game and the Crypto Animated Cartoon with promotions and credit in the front and backend of the videos/apps.

We will be developing different options or ways to implement the use of different tokens, altcoins and bitcoins. By using either ads, exchanges or simply offering rewards for high scores/achievements... this is only a light brush thru of many ideas being worked on... with that being said..

The Original Background and Pitch
A little over a year ago, I discovered crypto and since that time, I've established a "brand name" in MrWang. I found a home in Steemit where I continue producing original content and blogging with pretty good success right from the start. Now I have a full production team and a studio to work in and we are excited to help bring more attention to the crypto world and blockchain technology by creating original content and entertainment targeted at the younger demographics with the projects already in production below.

This project started out in the bitshares and steemit communities but we've come to realize... our production and ideas are too far beyond ahead what these communities can provide in resources and support, well at least we haven't been proven otherwise. We understand that what we have produced is of epic/legendary proportions. This will undoubtedly draw attention and audiences to the world of crypto.

I have provided a few links to our project announcements and teaser pilot for everyone to consider for support in financial investment or donation of resources to help speed up production of these projects.

If you would like to find out more about our production services and/or interested in investing, marketing, helping with graphic design or audio production.. honestly, if you have experience in audio/video production and are willing/able to help... please feel free to contact me via email or DM on here.

With that being said, I would like to present to everyone...

"Crypto" Teaser - Pilot Episode 1 -

A "family guy" or "Robot Chicken" animated series which follows current events and trending topics surrounding bitcoin and other altcoins in the world of crytpo.
In a nutshell... "This is what happens in your digital wallets"

CryptoCrush The Game - Alpha Version
A parody of Candy Crush with bitcoin and altcoins replacing the "Candy" theme, thus building interest into the crypto world.
CryptoCrush For Android (ScreenShot)

IOS version coming soon

DOWNLOAD THE ALPHA VERSION from the Google Play Store:
We are rewarding testers and bounty hunters with my WangChange tokens (on bitshares) and other bitshares tokens affiliated with our project. The game is developed by our app team, New App Kings which is part of Compound Films, The founder of Compound films is now the producer of my videos for steemit and you can find his steemit blog page below.

Here is the link to my WangChange Token on Openledger: (please let me know if any of these links are not allowed and I will take them down if so)

Steemit Links/resources:

Recent Announcement and Bitshares Hangout Audio: MrWang[/member]/cryptocrush-announcement-and-challenge]

Compound Films Steemit Blog:

Original Post by me, Unveiling the production and "game plan", a couple months ago: MrWang[/member]/revolution-of-the-industry-part-1]

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or let me know if I need to adjust or remove information/links not allowed in the forums. Thank you for considering any and all contributions and support of this project/production.