Author Topic: Breeding the Marijuana Strain That is Going to Win the 2019 CO Cannabis Cup  (Read 749 times)

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I am breeding a Strain specifically for the THCv, the same way people breed for higher and higher THC, and higher and higher CBD, and I have a breeding program in place with strains that are most likely going to create a strain with Higher THCv content than ever before. THCv is 4x as potent as THC, meaning 10% THCv would be similar to 40% THC content, just as an example. It is also said to be more Psychedelic, and possibly Hallucinogenic. In small amounts it can actually cancel out a THC high, like a cure for being too high for new smokers. And instead of giving you the munchies, it suppresses your appetite and even has an effect on Insulin and can be used as a Treatment for Diabetes. And it is simply not being bred for the same way THC and CBD are being bred for.

It's a lot of information, so here it is on Steemit[member=42771]MarsResident[/member]/breeding-the-marijuana-strain-that-is-going-to-win-the-2019-colorado-cannabis-cup
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