Author Topic: How can I easily buy crypto currencies from BTS  (Read 662 times)

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How can I easily buy crypto currencies from BTS
« on: October 24, 2017, 08:50:49 am »
Hello, apologies for the "simple" question here:
I have BTS on my wallet for a week but I still find uneasy to buy/seel on the DEX.
Let's say I want to buy open.ETH with my BTS, I should for BTS:open.ETH in the exchange right ? Once in there, I can't find a way to buy or sell open.ETH. The tabs are greyu so impossible for me to select Price nor Quantity. Yesterday it wasn't even available. Any advice ?

Generally I am a noob (still above the average in terms of knowledge in crypto currencies), and if I trust that the technology behind the software is great, it's still very complex to use the plateform. For example I transferred ETH from Coinbase using Openledger Gateway and the money took 5 days to land (I really thought I lost everything..), and now I can't figure out how to really buy/sell here. I am sure these things will improve in the future, but I just wanted to give the point of view of someone who looks like the kind of people you want to attract more and more to make more volumes available on BTS.