Author Topic: Yoyow progress report (10.30) Yoyow 项目进度报告 (10.30)  (Read 1545 times)

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#Develop Performance
[Core Release]
cli client has updated to V0.1.2-171026 version
[Wallet Update]
web-wallet and PC-wallet have updated to V0.2.3 version synchronously
Update credits instruction
[Function Optimization]
Adopt dynamic measure verify mechanism, improve block synchronized speed of nodes, optimize verify mechanism of exist block data when nodes launch that increasing speed of nodes launch sharply.
Increase overtime in default transaction and cache time of transaction in network layer, improve ability of fault tolerance.
Optimize genesis block time transfer calculating for browser compatibility.
 [Bug Fix]
Modify replay problem when launching nodes.
Modify one problem in P2P network communication module which may cause block synchronized thread hangs race condition problem.
Fix drag control bug when collecting credits
[Function Release]
The official will release SDK and documentation after demo settled to the third-party content platform access. Further constructing oauth and sso login, supporting Wechat and Alipay login.
[Transaction Fee Adjustment]
After Ethernet Byzantine hard fork success, transaction fee decreased significantly, gateway fee from main net to ether network has declined to 5 YOYO.
# Community Performance
Community on chain released witness block lost remind and daily news service. All services are free to original developer and active third-party developer, primary function is free to all witness for the first phone number and the first email banding, the first phone number bound of all witness can use advanced function for one month.   
# Operation Performance
YOYOW team did project report to SuZhou Bureau of Technology and Division of talent.

cli客户端更新至 V0.1.2-171026版本
# 社区动态
链上社区开放见证人丢块提醒及日报服务。所有服务对创始开发者和活跃第三方开发者永久免费 ,初级功能对所有见证人绑定的第一个手机号、第一个邮箱永久免费,所有见证人绑定的第一个手机号免费使用高级功能一个月 。