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Thanks for your continued support in hiring me as you CEO. Here's what I've been doing over the past week or so -

- Testing the LiveUSB/CD, providing tip and feedback
- Hiring DEO MaxPwr
- DwarfPool incentives to encourage pool diversity
- Investment guide to lay out the case for investing in MemoryCoin
- Bundling YAM with wallet to make mining easy from GUI
- Wallet release to encourage 'one address=one wallet' model
- Co-ordinating move to allow zero-fee transactions on network
- Promoting cross-coin exchange idea
- Private discussions with exchanges about MC listing
- Testing YAM
- Creating Voting Panel for wallet
- Encouraging LiveUSB/CD project
- Creating guide for exchanges on Protoshares distribution
- Distributing large tips to GPU/CPU miner programmers

Generally engaging in discussions, distributing tips to helpful efforts, co-ordinating other CXOs.

If you haven't voted yet, please use the new voting panel to give me your first preference - it's really easy to use - my voting address is

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