Author Topic: Refresh the page for backup options.  (Read 1816 times)

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This information may be useful for anyone wondering where the backup options are for their local wallet prior to using the new address:

I use the Google Chromium web browser on a Manjaro Linux system, when I first display the page only the following text is displayed:
In an effort to provide enhanced security for the web-based wallet, we are migrating it, effective immediately to the address below. Please be sure to update any bookmarks you may have.
Please use from now on, your existing credentials will let you login there as well.
But if that page is refreshed, using the page reload button in the browser tool bar or menu option, additional important text is displayed:
Local wallet detected
Please backup your wallet now and restore the backup file to, which will be your new address for the web wallet. Thanks for your continued support
followed by more information, instructions and wallet settings and backup options.

I discovered I needed to refresh the page by accident, I do not know if the problem applies to other browsers or operating systems, but as a precaution try refreshing the page to see if more text and options appear for you. I hope that information may be of help to some.