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P2P Challenge Platform


Eristica is a P2P platform for challenges. Challenges are proved with videos.
Viral content with smart contracts which guarantees fair plays and transparency

1.2+ million new users will join BitShares network

Eristica – video platform for challenges on smart contracts with 1.2M users migrates to Bitshares Network from Ethereum. Stan Larimer and Michael Taggart joined the team as advisors and tech consultants.

We at Eristica team are happy to announce that Stan Larimer and Michael Taggart joined the Eristica team as advisors and tech consultants. Together with the help of the BitShares community we will implement Graphene protocol for all decentralized transactions in Eristica.
BitShares currency will be integrated into every single wallet in the system, which is by the way more than 1.2 million users now and extra 500.000 from monthly pre-installs in Asia in Q1 2018. That will open the door for BitShares to millions of users around the world who are highly engaged with funny videos and challenges.
However, nothing comes without cost. We’ve put a lot of effort, time and resources to Eristica, and there’re so many more things to be done! We ask for the help of the BitShares community in this quest. Any contribution is welcome and means the world to our team.

Why BitShares

Nowadays we can see how cute kitties can overload the whole Ethereum network. This case has become an important lesson for every startup in crypto space.
We at Eristica had been thinking about the scalability issue long time before that. Yes, we did choose Ethereum for the ICO because it looks good in terms of marketing, however we do not believe that this would remain a good option for our operations in the ecosystem with 1.2M users (at least for now). Obviously, there are some off-chain solutions, but again – if only a single game has the power to mess with the whole network, imagine what will happen when all these ICO projects start their operations as well.
That’s why we started a conversation with the BitShares community. The Graphene protocol perfectly fits in the Eristica ecosystem. We have thoroughly researched the Bitspark case of migrating to BitShares as well as other highly loaded projects. It was a lot of work and preparations.

What we have achieved

✔ A FunTech video platform for challenges with 1.2+M user base
✔ 2+ years of Growth Hack development
✔ Average time per session of 13 mins
✔ Support from the #1 early-stage investor in the world: SOSV
✔ Support from McKinsey, Winter Capital and a group of private pre-ICO investors
✔ Mentorship from industry superstars
✔ Agreements for monthly pre-installs on smartphones in Asia

What we strive to accomplish

✔ An ecosystem where users challenge each other transparently through smart contracts
✔ Decentralised oracle system where anyone can bet and challenge participants with an aim of winning tokens for every successful prediction
✔ A platform with integrated third party services and products based on the blockchain technology
✔ Online challenges for e-sport competitions for games built on Unity and Unreal Engines with help of the Eristica Game API
✔ User friendly in-app interface for purchase and sale of tokens at current market price without dealing directly with exchanges
✔ New types of challenges: one-vs-many and many-vs-many

The benefits for contributors

✔ Tokens will be the driving force in the ecosystem’s digital economy. Users will need tokens to create challenges, bets, prize funds and in-app purchases. Eristica will have integrated an in-app interface for the purchase of ERT tokens from the exchanges for its current price. Users will be able to pay from an attached credit/debit card, local payment or cryptocurrency. This will create an increasing demand and solid liquidity for ERT tokens among Eristica’s community.
✔ Platform expansion through the integration of products and services from third party developers. Creation of additional services for users and use of tokens as a single form of payment both within the ecosystem and on partner sites. This will drive additional value for ERT tokens.
✔ Part of commission fee will be distributed to the Challenge Fund, that will fund promotional activities, as well as integration with third-party services.
✔ Expansion of the user base through the platform’s expansion to the regions of Southeast Asia, India, Europe and North America. Starting from 2018, local smartphone producers will pre-install the Eristica app on new smartphones. Potential growth from the cooperation targets around 500,000 new users in the first quarter of 2018. Growing user base will create new demand for ERT tokens.

The benefits for users

Never before has the Bets and Challenges industry had such freedom as it has now in the times when blockchain technology is so popular. Users will thus get the freedom to monetize their talents, skills and abilities by winning in challenges. They will do so by participating in challenges with individuals, major brands and celebrities or making predictions on the winners of ongoing events.
Moreover, Eristica will set a commision fee at 3% for all type of events. That will create a global minimum for Bets and Challenge industry.

The benefits for crypto community

Integration of the wallet in the accounts of more than 1,200,000 users of Eristica is expected to make it one of the mass mobile cryptocurrency wallets in the world.
Cryptocurrency has been known to be quite complex and only popular among tech enthusiasts but future developments of cryptocurrency are aimed at simplification targeted at many users.

The Eristica project considers the promotion of the crypto-economy among young people to be one of its main goals. The project is thus looking to bring in millions of young users to the crypto world.
The first tokens in this platform will be a new starting point for the future generation of crypto-enthusiasts.

Eristica network token(ERT)

The Eristica Token (ticker: ERT) is a vital part of the Eristica network. The ERT will enable users to participate in bets even with celebrities, get rewards for winning challenges, make money off successful predictions and buy access to platform’s services.
The ERT also operates in decentralized governance which makes it possible for users to have an influence on solving disputable situations when voting for winners in a challenge.

Contribution period

  • Start Time: December 7, 2017
  • End Time: February 7, 2017
  • Duration: 62 days or immediately when the hard cap is reached.
  • Hard Cap: $10M

Token distribution

No whitelisted addresses • No 3rd-party allocations • No bonus structure • 50 Gwei max gas price

Our team


Our advisors & backers



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Re: [ANN][Eristica] - 1.2+ million new users will join BitShares network
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2017, 12:14:01 am »
I'm lovin' this.
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Re: [ANN][Eristica] - 1.2+ million new users will join BitShares network
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2017, 03:15:52 pm »
Also you can check a new article by our guru advisor Michael Taggart

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Re: [ANN][Eristica] - 1.2+ million new users will join BitShares network
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2017, 09:34:58 am »
This is great! Stan Larimer and Michael Taggart are great and I'm glad that they joined the Erastica team.  Future is bright guys!
All in the game!