Author Topic: Balance in not showing in 2.0?  (Read 1524 times)

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Once imported into 2.0, did you try claiming the balance?  This is under Settings > Local Wallet >Balance Claims.

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Hi all

My balance is showing in my old wallet I imported my wallet into 0.93 and then imported the key into 2.0

But it is not showing my balance this last step has me stuck, also worryingly the block explorer is not showing any balance or any transactions?

The account is from when I invest 40k$ approx. into PTS which was converted to bitshares, I have checked up from time to time but never really accessed the balances until today, as I decided that a decentralised exchange is were I should do my day trading, the whole BTS scene has moved on a lot since 2014 its very impressive.

If anyone can point me in the write direction it would be much appreciated!