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Well openledger returned my open.ETH after 30 days since withdraw thank you very much. Support went quiet on me so I go on their twitter and comment on their post with my withdraw issues. Maybe that didn't help and maybe it did. I start commenting on posts as a last resort. I had withdrew open.ETH for the sole purpose of christmas and here I am now.

Offline gigamike

i can able to see my eth again hopefully can transfer to my eth wallet from bts wallet.

Offline gigamike

mine is lost as well...sigh  :(

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Facing the same issue with an transaction. Tried to transfer my ETH coin from open wallet to coinbase. Transaction seems to be lost.

Support ist not answering.

Any suggestions?

Offline gigamike

Thanks for the response.

But hopefully openledger didnt hide the option ETH withdrawal which makes user panic.

Hopefully openledger can help.

Thanks again

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Step 1: Go to


Step 3: See problem with Ethereum which is explained here:


You can do what caty6 decides to do....

Step 0, threaten openledger and go on twitter and smash them with a hashtag spam because of the Ethereum network being overloaded.

(Which I think is a stupid way of doing it)

How is it I could find out this information by doing a little research and no one else could?
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Offline caty6

Have no luck with support either. im taking my fight to twitter. I will hashtag against openledger plattform

Offline gigamike


Days ago i trade my BTS to ETH on openledger, it was ok..when i came back today i notice the open.eth is no longer an option. How can i transfer my eth now to other wallet?

Thanks in advance