Author Topic: Bitshares and Openledger  (Read 1460 times)

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OpenLedger is one of many frontends for BitShares and your account is valid on any of them.

You will have two local wallets (one for OpenLedger, one for BitShares), and you can recover the account for both. In any case please make sure you have your private keys safely stored offline as well as the fallback recovery option!

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So I don't completely understand the relationship between Openledger and Bitshares.  Some time ago, I created a local wallet through openledger, so I have an existing bitshares account.

Can I go download the bitshares client, and use the recover wallet function to access the wallet I created through Openledger, and simply go ahead and trade using the Bitshares client?  What about using the bitshares webwallet the same way?  Are all of these options or do I need to create a separate wallet and/or send coins from the Openledger wallet to the Bitshares wallet?

Thanks, and I apologize since I figure this topic has likely been covered before...