Author Topic: Pinkdate really seems to be flying under the radar, I wonder why?  (Read 1855 times)

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Pinkdate is taking an interesting approach I've never seen before.

The returns come from their quarterly payouts to token holders equal to 50% of their net profits. So instead of just buying a bunch of useless tokens and hoping people also want to buy them so the price goes up, you buy their tokens and you basically share in the profits of the company indefinitely.

PinkDate is the first anonymously-operated, world-wide escorting service that combines screening, booking, and payment in a single platform. Some might frown upon escorting, but personally, I subscribe by the morality trumps legality line of thinking. Furthermore, I'm sure I don't have to explain that there is demand for an ultra private escort platform. Especially after the whole AshleyMadison debacle.

Could you imagine if a big company was paying out 50% of their profits to their share holders every 3 months automatically for as long as they're in business? Share prices would sky-rocket.