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Thought is a blockchain and AI start-up, backed by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

Thought is fundamentally changing the way data is processed by embedding AI into every small piece of data. This makes otherwise ‘dumb’ information smart. Data becomes able to act on its own, eliminating the need for external applications, and thus makes data processing faster and cheaper.

Thought Token (THT) Sale Pricing Info
• Softcap $10MM USD, Hardcap $50MM USD
• Private sale (FINISHED)
• Pre-ICO (LIVE) 15% discount, price $.122 USD, minimum $100 USD - (start March 1st 2018)
• Public sale (Main ICO), 5-10% discount, price of $.144 USD, no minimum - (start March 14th 2018, Pi Day!)
• Accepting ETH only


By 2025 the global data sphere will grow to 163 Zettabytes

The current computational paradigm is not scalable or intelligent enough to handle this massive influx of information.

Nuances will redefine data and applications altogether.

Thought’s technology infuses every bit of data with AI to create the Nuance. Each Nuance becomes its own agent with the power to take action without the constraints of an application. Nuances completely change the landscape of big data, system integration and artificial intelligence as we know it.

Thought’s revolutionary blockchain fabric enables AI

Thought Fabric is a new, better technology stack. Nuances exist within an infinitely scaleable network that allows each individual bit of artificial intelligence to interact forming an intelligent system. Blockchain technology ensures that every nuance is secure and attributable.

Thought creates a new, universal intelligence technology

Thought Nuances working within Fabric exist as electronic neurons within a globally distributed brain. Systems that were once incompatible become integrated. Disparate processes and infrastructure become unified, all within a technology platform that’s secure, scalable and natively extensible.
Token Sale



Thought tokens are required to run Nuances on the Thought Fabric. Tokens are earned by owners of Fabric nodes in exchange for the evaluation and routing of Nuances. Tokens will also be awarded for hardware integration development, AI model development and access to data repositories.


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Dive into the whitepaper to learn about the specifics of the Thought Networks implementation.


Executive Summary

If you’re a 10,000ft view kind of person, then the executive summary is for you.




Professor Andrew J. Hacker is Founder and CEO of Thought and Cybersecurity Expert in Residence at Harrisburg University.
"   Mr. Hacker has conceived and developed the concept of hybrid data and algorithms for the past six years
"   He has extensive Cybersecurity experience and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional
"   Mr. Hacker has a BS in Electrical Engineering Rutgers College of Engineering

Mr. Andrew Weiss is the Chief Counsel of Thought Network.
"   He is an attorney specializing in patent law and litigation for the high-tech industry
"   Mr. Weiss has practiced more than 10 years since earning his JD at USC

Professor Philip A. Grim II is CTO of Thought Network and a Lecturer in Computer Science at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.
"   Mr. Grim's career as a professional software engineer has spanned more than 25 years of both military and civilian contractor experience
"   Mr. Grim holds an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming Technology from Metropolitan Community College of Omaha, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from St. Leo University, and a Master of Science in Analytics
"   Currently pursuing Ph.D. in Analytics from Harrisburg University

Matthew Hykes is Chief Software Architect at Thought Network.
"   He has over a decade of experience as a full stack developer and systems architect, leveraging n-tier architectures for web, mobile, and games
"   He plays a leading role on the software development team and provides the required guidance for taking the company's technology and products to the next level of functionality, design, and scalability
"   Mr. Hykes has vast knowledge in Hyperledger, Ethereum, blockchain architectures, and smart contracts

Samuel Jones is Chief Software Engineer of Thought Network.
"   He has 13 years of experience building enterprise software for energy utilities, as well as the defense and intelligence communities as a civilian contractor
"   Mr. Jones's experience has included customer information systems, network infrastructure coordination, network traffic visualization, and warehouse and organizational management software, along with his work in Smart Data and microservices with Thought Network
"   Mr. Jones holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science and a Bachelor of Arts in German from Missouri Southern State University as well as CompTIA Security+ certification

Nathaniel is the COO/CFO of Though Network and is responsible for leading strategy and operations of the Thought Network.
"   His work includes partnership and ecosystem development, long-term strategy, financial oversight and operational improvement
"   Previously, Nathaniel worked as a strategy and management consultant in multiple sectors, including, fintech, manufacturing, healthcare, technology and business services
"   Nathaniel has led the successful turnaround of a biotech and an insurance company
"   He has also worked with start-ups raising venture capital and developed investment strategies for private equity firms and start-up studios
"   He received his B.S. in Accounting from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Gil O'Brien is the Chief Marketing Officer at Thought Network.
"   He has extensive experience in Finance and Marketing and currently helps Financial Institutions offshore their New York accounting operations to reduce cost
"   He received his MBA in Marketing from Baruch College - Zicklin School of Business
"   He excelled as a Financial Advisor with Salomon Smith Barney

Adrian Jones is a software developer at Thought Network.
"   He possesses knowledge in several programming languages such as Java, C#, C++, C, Javascript, and Python
"   He also possesses knowledge on Statistical Analysis and Differential/ Integral Calculus
"   He has experience developing web applications and computer games as well
"   He has worked with blockchain development using Hyperledger burrow and consensus engines such as Tendermint
"   He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering

Alec Wantoch is a software developer at Thought Network.
"   His field of study is computer science with a focus in cyber security and AI, and he is proficient and has advanced knowledge in several programming languages including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Golang
"   He is knowledgeable in Ethereum, smart contracts, and consensus algorithms
"   Wantoch is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Sam Heybey is a software developer at Thought Network.
"   He is a programmer pursuing a degree and career in computer science
"   He has been programming as a hobby for over a decade in myriad languages including Python, Ruby, Javascript, HTML and CSS, C#, C, PHP, Java, and several purpose-built embedded scripting languages

Michael Rusling is a programmer with Thought Network   
"   He spent two years as a contracted coder working on Java web app and front-end web development and leverages his UI and back-end experience to tackle similar problems today
"   He has been pursuing personal programming projects for over twelve years and has experience with Java, HTML/CSS, JS, C#, PHP, and MySQL
"   He recently finished his Bachelor's in Software Engineering and Analysis

Ramgopal Penumatsa is a software developer at Thought Network working with Blockchain technology and testing.
"   He has experience with Android mobile app, C, Java SE, Java EE, Python, javascript, .net and has a strong foundation in data structures and algorithms
"   He is also knowledgeable in Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Burrow
"   Penumatsa holds a BE (Bachelor of Engineering) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Andhra University in Vishakapatnam, India and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Computer Information Science at The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Neelima Bandi is a research and development specialist at Thought Network.
"   She worked for Amazon for 3 years as resolution specialist lead for the North America and UK region which constitutes Canada, America, and UK Space
"   She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Electronics and Computer Engineering (ECE) in India from Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Information Systems Management and Engineering at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Karan Raj is a research and development specialist at Thought Network.
"   He worked with Amazon for 3 years as a transportation specialist for Operations of the European region
"   He is knowledgeable in Hyperledger
"   Raj completed a Bachelor of Arts from Aurora Scientific Technological and Research Academy in Computer Science Engineering and is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Information Systems Engineering and Management at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Ms. Kate Spaan is student intern with a highly technical background and strong interest in STEM.
"   She has experience in ethical hacking techniques
"   Is part of our student outreach program to help increase interest and awareness in STEM, especially in cybersecurity and blockchain
Zack Pelkey is a software developer at Thought Network
"   His field of study is computer science
"   He is proficient and has advanced knowledge in several programming languages including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and Golang
"   Pelkey is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Edward Sampson Jr. is an IT Specialist with Thought Network.
"   He is currently earning his Bachelor's in Software Engineering
"   While attending Harrisburg University, he utilizes infrastructure as code in personal projects to create services
"   In developing software and infrastructure as code system he has gained experience with Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MariaDB, SaltStack, and Docker 


Dr. Eric Darr was named President of Harrisburg University by the Board of Trustees effective May 9, 2013. He previously served as interim president since July 1, 2012.
Under Dr. Darr's leadership, the University:
"   Expanded to include a Philadelphia location
"   Welcomed the largest class of new students in its history
"   Launched new graduate and undergraduate degree programs
"   Secured grants and scholarship support
"   Opened new housing for its students
"   Began construction on a third housing project for students
Kevin Purcell is the Chief Scientist at WildFig, a data science and analytics consultancy based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
"   Before joining WildFig, Dr. Purcell's held research appointments in the Sustainable Fisheries Branch of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University
"   Dr. Purcell's research employs a variety of computational and statistical approaches to quantify the dynamics of disturbance on complex systems
"   He also serves as a Corporate Faculty member in the Analytics Group at Harrisburg University

Dr. Mitchell is Professor and Program Lead for Healthcare Informatics at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harrisburg, PA.
"   He was the Chief Medical Officer and Acting Chief Medical Information Officer for the Sisters of Mercy Health System, responsible for establishing the Center for Medical Informatics and the Center for Quality and Safety
"   For 30 years, he has been involved locally, nationally, and internationally in the development of provider and staff education and leadership development
"   He is a retired Army Colonel
"   Fellow and Past President of the Aerospace Medical Association
"   Former Vice-Chair of the American Board of Preventive Medicine
"   Life Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians.
"   He has authored over 40 publications and has received numerous military and civilian awards.

Dr. Ford is currently Professor of Analytics at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. His previous experience includes the University of Maryland University College where he worked as Director and Professor for the Data Analytics Program.
"   Prior to that, he served as Chair of the Computer Science Department at Hood College and as President of their faculty
"   Additionally, throughout his career, he has held C-level positions at 6 different companies
"   Dr. Ford earned his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, along with a master's and bachelor's, from the Johns Hopkins University
"   He holds two patents and is active in both academic and applied research. Rand's areas of expertise are in the analysis of unstructured data, natural language processing, and machine learning

J. Gregory Swendsen in the founder and president of Swendsen & Company which is a financial management company that provides seed and venture capital investments to life sciences and biotechnology firms.
"   He is a board member of the American Life Science Pharmaceuticals, Inc. which is a clinical stage Alzheimer's and neurodegenerative disease company
"   He raised over $500 million for pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Mr. Calistri is Vice President, Investor Relations with Biogen and has an MBA in Finance from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and BS Accounting from Fordham University.

Mr. Grossman is has led several high profile R&D groups in the audio and media industries and has experience with embedded systems design. Mr. Grossman has a BS Electrical Engineering from California State University at San Francisco.

Rohit holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Arizona where he studied with full academic fellowship, and a Bachelor's in Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi.
"   Throughout his career, Rohit has enjoyed IT architecture work around contemporary IT technologies. He continues his passion as a hands-on/certified architect in several of the emerging Blockchain Protocols since 2013, and growing and as a founder via Big Data/Cloud Analytics/RPA/Blockchain development
"   Rohit serves on the Board of Directors for iControl, a leading payment processor for Retail industry; he is a Lifetime Member of the Bitcoin Foundation since 2013
"   Rohit has been on the bleeding edge of C-Suite Advisory around Blockchain, ICO's, Data Management and Cloud Adoption. He is the Chief Blockchain Officer for and Blockchain Advisor at Thought.Live, and advisor to the CEO of
"   Prior to founding Elevondata, he was Oracle's global product strategist and also led its North American BI/Technology consulting practice

Visionary leader with expertise in bringing together diverse groups to innovatively address challenging issues. Exceptionally adept at building and leading diverse teams to solve technically complex problems.
"   Over 15 years of experience teaching and directing computer science and information technology courses at the university level
"   Extensive background in developing curricula for computer science, information technology, and cyber operations
"   Recognized expertise in engineering accreditation (ABET) and continuous improvement processes
"   Has an active TS clearance

Charles is the Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
"   He oversees the design and development of ventures in new and emerging technologies
"   Serves as the Program Lead for the undergraduate Interactive Media program
"   Is an advisor to the Learning Technology Masters of Science program
"   Coordinates the High School Gaming Academy, and mentors students on research projects in the fields of augmented and virtual reality, mobile computing, web application development, video production, desktop manufacturing (3d printing), motion graphics and interactive games
"   As a technologist, author and international speaker, Professor Palmer lectures on virtual reality, 3d printing, gamification, and simulations linking learning and research to practical outcomes

Dr. Mrunalini Pattarkine has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology and has extensive experience in biochemistry, biotechnology, and nanobiotechnology.
"   She has worked on membranes, proteins, lipids, DNA diagnostics (gene therapy, DNA chips), and protein immobilization for developing them as nanobiotechnological material
"   She has experience with bioanalytical techniques for establishing structure-function relationships for macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids)
"   She has also worked with liposomes and reverse micelles as membrane mimetic systems.
"   She has conducted research in environmental biotechnology project related to uranium bioremediation
"   She has been a recipient of Pennsylvania's Keystone Innovative Zone Grant for research on the development of a hand-held biosensor for the detection of Methicillin-resistant /Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Jena Binderup is a technical writer, marketing professional, and creative with 10 years of experience specializing in developing targeted communications, marketing strategies and technical storylines for complex technologies in emerging industries including cryptocurrency and fintech, computers and engineering, law, healthcare, telecommunications, and military and defense/law enforcement.
"   She has consulted for government and private sectors
"   Binderup is skilled in public speaking and sales; client acquisition and retention; and highly tailored communications
"   Binderup holds a BA in International Relations from Goucher College and is certified to teach English to speakers of other languages

As Creative Director, Scott Boggs has spent his 20 years in the branding and advertising space solving problems simply and beautifully. Whether guiding brands with household names, directing multidisciplinary teams, or enabling creative expression across traditional and digital channels, the goal remains the same: make it simple, make it smart, make it sing.


[The Merkle] Harrisburg University Backed Thought ICO Eliminates Traditional Applications

[The Merkle] Harrisburg University backed Thought Network launches Pre-ICO on 1st of March, 2018

[The Merkle] Patented Technology Behind Thought Network Changes Data Processing As We Know It

[The Merkle] Harrisburg University Backed THOUGHT ICO Launches Whitelist

[CCN] Harrisburg University Backed Thought Network Launches Pre-ICO on 1st of March, 2018

[CCN] Patented Technology behind Thought Network Changes Data Processing as We Know It

[CCN] Harrisburg University Backed THOUGHT ICO Launches Whitelist

[PRNews] Patent Awarded for "Smart Data" technology to Harrisburg University Professor

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Thought's ICO is live. Go to  to contribute!

Check our great video:

Join our telegram group where you can ask questions directly to Thought's creators

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Check our latest article on the blog!

Thought Network Patented Technology Brings Equality to the AI and Data Industries

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere

Have you ever wondered how one day you searched “Best Smartphone of 2018” on Google and the next day you were bombarded with ads from smartphone companies? Or how watching a video on the ‘World’s Best Beaches’ on YouTube inevitably leads to plethora of holiday ads being shown on sites you are currently viewing?

As you might already understand, there aren’t millions of employees working at YouTube who personally follow you and suggest to you the most exciting videos or people monitoring your searches on Google to show you the most relevant advertisements. It is all done by computer coding and algorithms, or in other terms, by Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

Read More



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Hello all, how was your weekend?

Did you know that Thought runs on the first public mineable AI blockchain?

Join Thought's crowdsale at

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Hello, Thought Community!

We are happy because now you can read about our project on Forbes!

Happy reading!

Hacker Launches Public Mineable Blockchain THOUGHT For 'AI Superhighway' by Roger Aitken

Join our crowdsale on

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Mr. Mathew Hykes, the Chief Software Architect at Thought is totally right!

Join Thought's crowdsale at!

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Dear Community.

So far, from the private pre-sale we have raised almost $1.5M, which fluctuates due to the constantly changing ETH price. This is growing daily as we continue to approve people for KYC, under SEC rules, and we are getting faster at approvals. We are talking to a number of high net worth investors on the Private Sale side, and still wrapping up talks which are taking longer than normal due to the changing circumstances in the legislation of the SEC regarding ICOs and applied rules on securities investments and taxation. Since the Forbes article, interest in what we are doing here at thought has increased dramatically, which is also a positive circumstance.
The MVP will be released soon, and we are all working hard, especially with the knowledge that you are all behind us 100%. If anything, it makes 20 hour days worth it. In addition, besides all of the advertising we already have out and positive PR, we are redesigning the website and extending the ICO to the end of April to give ourselves the best chance at raising awareness of our AI platform.

Harrisburg University is supporting us in every way and we are very grateful for their support, too. Our university is not as old or endowed as the bigger universities, and this ICO will mean more than bringing great AI blockchain tech to the forefront, but it will impact thousands of people who work and study here at Harrisburg University and train a whole new generation of people in the latest advances in tech and development - creating a 'Center of Excellence' as such.

The development of this platform, which has taken me 10 years and 3 patents to construct is finally coming together. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of it. Please help spread the word, thank thank you for being a part of our Community!!

Kindest regards, Professor Andrew J Hacker

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Just in case you've missed!

ICO is now at 10% discount until the end of March and 5 % from April 1 to April 30.

And also do not miss the latest article about Thought!

THOUGHT, The World’s First Public Mineable AI Blockchain, Launches ICO

For all reddit users - join us on Reddit!

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THOUGHT, The World’s First Public Mineable AI Blockchain, Launches ICO

“In the few past decades, humans have advanced in technology at an exponential pace. It is incredible to witness. But all of these innovations have also caused an explosion of data. Everything ranging from social media to human genome research generates massive amounts of data,” says CEO and Founder of Thought, Professor Andrew Hacker.

“Currently, all data is created equal until it is sorted through and categorized by special algorithms. Data is inherently inanimate — it only becomes useful when it is processed by an application. The massive growth in data creation is adding up to a landscape littered with too much information and applications, and insufficient intelligence to handle all of it,” explains Professor Hacker, who has been granted a US patent for his innovative concept of Smart Data.

By combining the application layer into the data layer, Thought’s Smart Data becomes aware of its origin, knows its purpose, and is able to act on its own to accomplish its goal. It eliminates the need for traditional applications that traditionally make it possible for data to move between devices, cutting costs and complexity associated with these applications while also increasing speed.

Read Full Article Here

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You can support our project on Reddit

Welcome to our subreddit!

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Changing the world means solving problems that no-one has ever been able to solve. Having a strong team behind Thought is what has allowed us to do exactly that. Don't wait and participate here:

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Only three days left! 10% Discount for all participants!

Where to participate? - this is the only place!

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