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I once said:
If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research.
If we could pay for it, it wouldn't be called development.
Send me MMC to prove me wrong.

Me, Seraphim, and Isaac are working on MMCPOST - let's get an FAQ going.

I'll put together a FAQ in this thread.  Community members can add / post questions below for me to answer.


MMC Global Board (MMC address TBD) and (URL TBD). 

MMCPOST.COM Never-Asked-Questions:
-or- MAXNAQs


MMPOST will act as a social portal, or directory of user profiles, contents, links for "professional" or "developing" MMC users.  Users may create a profile and create on-site content, or post to offsite content.  It is intended for Officers, Miners, Merchants, Volunteers, Project Managers, and Candidates. 

MMCPOST will function as a "communication" portal or service directory for individual MMC users.  Virtual currency users spend time across many different sites and disciplines.  MMCPost will allow them to identify and network with other MMC individuals and communities. 


It will allow for the following categories of content per account:

(Initially implemented mainly as bulletin board - text post style.  May develop as we go.  Categories and features subject to change.)

1. Ideas - Initial personal content, output, works-in-progress.  On-site "blog", personal news, updates, etc, or links to offsite accounts. 
2. Bids - Individual services, questions, person-to-person trades that an individual profile can provide.
3. Requests - Individual services, questions, person-to-person trades that an individual profile would like to receive.
4. Proposals - Private longer-term or on-going programs, projects, or support that an individual is requesting private or community support, volunteers, or donations.
5. Campaigns - Public service programs, programs, projects, or candidate that an individual supports or contributes to - MVTEcXo or MVTEcha, etc.

Why MMCPOST and not here?

We expect explosive growth in social interaction between small team-based organizations of for-profit commercial-minded individuals.  We want to help them organize, communicate, propose, learn, and develop their own projects, and let the network focus on helping by network design to market charity, training, public service, private development, and capital investment on an individual distributed scale throughout our network of users.  Think open-source virtual community developer networking. 

Who needs MMCPOST?

CEO disciplines need it to support common eommunication platforms between officers.
CMO, CSO, and CNO disciplines need it for community promotion, assistance, and market evaluation.
New MMC community members need it for personal development and community assistance.

Who will use MMCPOST?

Anyone who wants to be known in a site-based virtual community– at least in one part of one virtual currency network.
Look at the "post your keyhotee ID and be known" thread...At least those guys! Keyhotee is “protect your identity”, and people are already saying “look at me!” (at least on a forum)...

MMC needs to be bigger.  We will design MMCPOST to support that.

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