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You can sell your open.EOS for bitUSD or bitCNY and don't need to transfer it to Binance. Now the EOS token is on the ETH blockchain, which has scaling problem and cause some problems.
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12 hours later 3k in crypto still missing, meanwhile the price of eos has dropped from 16 to 14.5 and is heading lower. Funny how riiiiggghhht before a major correction down my transfer gets lost. Im sure they will find it after eos drops to around 10 dollars. Moral of the story if you day trade stay away from openledger this is the second time this has happened.

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8 hours later and still no transfer or response from support

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Ive been waiting now for over 5 hours for a transfer from openledger to binance. I have noticed lately when sending larger amounts over 1k that the transfer doesnt go through until several hours later during key lvles of resistance. Its almost as if someone is holding the funds while the price drops so they can transfer it later to my wallet at a lower price. If its a maintenance issue then they should shut down the ability to transfer before maintenance so that transfers arent in limbo for several hours or days. I also have noticed that when this happens and the price begins to surge the transfer magically goes through. So here is hoping that eos goes back up before a major correction down. Im done using gateways to transfer funds to and from bitshares as this has happened several times and im not the only one complaining about it today in the telegram channel.