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Vitalium is a modern, decentralized cryptocurrency that utilizes Graphene algorithm and Bitshares Digital Assets Exchange. Created on Bitshares existing ecosystem, Vitalium’s primary purpose is to protect an individual’s identity and privacy by creating an anonymous, secure, stable, innovative Tor-based platform. Our vision is to lead Vitalium to its own way and the meaning of that is a Vitalium autonomous decentralized advertising – anonymizer platform that supports privacy and anonymity for cryptocurrency users, giving them the chance of advertising them products and/or services and making completely private transactions with not that privacy-centric cryptocurrencies by using platforms anonymizer, reducing this way the likelihood of identification by legal and illegal entities through the incorporation of cryptographic and anonymity-centric networking protocols.

Proof of Claiming

Vitalium manifested on Bitshares which means that it’s an Asset or UIA get benefited by Bitshares own ecosystem and decentralized exchange. Since its an UIA it cannot be mined with the traditional ways such other cryptocurrencies. But it can still give block rewards. We came up with a technique called “proof-of-claiming”, this simply means that you could earn the block reward of VITAL by taking action on Vitalium’s official social media pages, 6 days a week, and claim your reward. Action for Facebook page means ~ like or repost ~ for Instagram page ~ like or repost ~ and for Twitter page ~ fav or retweet ~
For more information see Technical details.

VITAL Rewards
Vitalium rewards holders, to eligible for VITAL rewards your address has to have 1000 VITAL at least. Each wallet address holding at least 1000 VITAL will get paid each 30 days on the first Sunday of every month. VITAL rewards goes with 2,055%. Addresses below 1000 VITAL do not get paid.

Stable - fast Vitalium transactions and trading on the DEX
Vitalium gets strong by Graphene. BitShares provides a high-performance decentralized exchange, with all the features you would expect in a trading platform. It can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ, while settling orders the second you submit them. With this kind of performance on a decentralized exchange, who needs risky centralized exchanges? Decentralization gives BitShares robustness against failure. When a centralized exchange is compromised, millions of dollars and thousands of users are impacted all at once. In a decentralized system, any attack or failure impacts only a single user and their funds. Users are in control of their own security, which can be much better than any centralized entity. Enjoy trading Vitalium with low fees, fast transactions and with no limits using the DEX.

Figure 1. Vitalium’s Logo Artwork

Reliable Blockchain Explorer

A unique, powerful and superfast blockchain explorer awaits you on

Shot 1. BitShares Blockchain Status

Technical details and info

•   Full name:  VITALIUM
•   Powered by:  Graphene
•   Method: PoC – Proof of Claiming & VITAL Rewards
•   Ticker:  VITAL
•   Initial Supply:  5 Billions
•   Decimal places:  5
•   Block time & method:  6 days a week  by proof-of-claiming (action on social platforms) Every Monday and Thursday a Facebook post will be up and your chance to earn the block reward is by submitting your like to that post or doing a repost. After that you have to let us know about it and give us your openledger account name or QR code in a private message, and then we will fund your account with the right amount of VITALIUM. Every Tuesday and Friday its Twitters day & every Wednesday and Saturday its Instagram’s day. You earn the block rewards with the same way above. For those doing like, subscribe or follow any official social account for the first time, they get a bounty bonus of  2.00000 VITAL!
•   Average block reward:  5.00000 VITAL approx.
•   Vital Rewards: at least 1000 VITAL to be eligible by 2,055%


Our team decided to go with gradually - step by step development. Once we succeed to fulfill our important milestones for stabilizing Vitalium’s network as seen on our roadmap we are planning to begin the development process of Vitalis DAP videlicet Vitalis Decentralized Advertizing platform. Vitalis DAP would be a web-designed platform allowing its users to advertise, promote and socialize them products and or services in a fully decentralized, secure, and the most important, anonymous way. We will build a secure, anonymous advertising platform operating over a secure, anonymous network in which users can receive and or send money to friends and businesses and promote them products and services, free from observation and examination by the authorities and malicious attackers.  Every single person will be able to register in our platform and begin promoting whatever needs advertising in a fully customizable and secure environment, ensuring every individual’s identity protection and anonymity. Also, in our platform you will find a help desk to answer your every question and bonus funding in VITAL of course to begin the promotion of you or your work in completely anonymous way. Vitalis would be accessible only through Tor. We want to keep values and ideals of blockchain unaffected and grant them with the power of Tor protocol.

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