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MMC is political. Distributed corporate guilt is fun.

FreeTrade hired me as DEO to make headaches for him like below.  He calls it innovative.  I call it "hope I still get paid next week".  Give feedback to bump.

If you want to help out or get involved with Peace Geeks, here is the page:

If you want to hire peace geeks, too bad:

You have to be "aligned with their core mission" and "adhere to their values".  I say that's not MMC.  Look at the Manifesto - we have to reach out to everyone.  I am an individual, for-profit, unidentifiable MMC address of questionable intent and value acting in my own private self-interest. 

Will PeaceGeeks help MaxPWR? Are they MMC-worthy? Tune-in next post...

So, PeaceGeeks:

From: MAXdeoBWDh3ScVDf1fCb7VgSNEPsT9HvEo
To: MVMySfqKF4AysMLhugjzxKKWWikwTZhwPz
Subject: Max's Ransom

Peace Geeks shall build a website for an unknown individual controlling an MMC address who may be outside their network of "core mission and values".  Website and MMC may accredit and promote PeaceGeeks.  Website shall serve as individual user platform for content registration on MMCPOST.

Peace Geeks shall provide quote package in USD, and be offered a bid package in future MMC.  Individual shall provide payment in MMC on Delivery (MOD).  Peace Geeks is responsible for ensuring any MMC received are used to promote their core mission and values.

If Peace Geeks fails to comply, the will suffer the wrath of this entire internet forum:
<cricket><cricket> for Peace Geeks to work for Max at:

Donate to Peace Geeks to file a restraining order against Max at:
To: MVMySfqKF4AysMLhugjzxKKWWikwTZhwPz

Vote! Or the kitten gets it:

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Renee, thanks for dropping by. Please accept my thanks for the valuable and compassionate work you're doing in the world.

MemoryCoin owners, please note you can also vote for the charity award to go directly to PeaceGeeks - give your first preference vote to MVTEchao4RjkTTyjMcYf8dnpQ7BqJdNVhr

Their website is
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My name is Renee at I am the Executive Director of PeaceGeeks. We are a non-profit organization that works to build the technology capacities of grassroots non-profit organizations working to promote peace, accountability and human rights in developing and conflict-affected areas. In the past 6 months, these are some of the groups we have worked with:
- Africa Youth for Peace and Development (Sierra Leone) - aim to support vulnerable / orphaned youth to access to education, shelter, food and skills so they can contribute meaningfully to rebuilding Sierra Leone and reduce the risk of renewed conflict
- Young Women Entrepreneurs Kenya (Kenya) - aims to support youth-headed households and young women personally affected by violence to get access to critical health services, civic and rights education and job skills to become self-sufficient
- The Nakuru Gender-Based Violence Network (Kenya) - works to provide coordinated support in the form of legal, phycho-social, shelter and health services to women affected by violence, and to build the capacities of other non-profits and organizations to effectively respond to gender violence

With all three orgs, we created websites for them using our newly launched Amani platform (more below on this), we registered their domains, created email addresses for them, got them set up on MailChimp, helped them to get trained on maintaining content

We are also working with groups in Nepal, the Philippines, Uganda and two international networks of grassroots organizations. This year, we will likely take on projects from Burundi, South Sudan, Liberia, in addition to new projects in Kenya and Uganda.

To do this, we have built an open source installation profile with Drupal (called Amani - not yet on, but public in Git) to help rapidly deploy new websites for our partners. We are continuing to inventory existing free and open source tools that would be useful to our partners, as well as build new tools where needed.

We were the first charity and non-profit in Canada to accept BitCoin and - at least I think - MemoryCoin as well. We would love to get support from the MemoryCoin and BitCoin communities, and we wanted to let you know about us. Our website, also now has our MemoryCoin affiliation on the donate page at

Our MC address is MVMySfqKF4AysMLhugjzxKKWWikwTZhwPz
Our BC address is 19NWYQitRdrn84hE5u29LbVv127ytaZpRf

Would be happy to tell you more about our work if you're interested.

Thanks for being awesome and supporting charities!