Author Topic: How do I migrate wallet to another machine  (Read 1375 times)

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Thankyou binggo

It was the anti-virus software (mcafee) that was putting it into a quarentine state.
This was driving me nuts until you pointed that out.

For Mcafee I went to settings - realtime scanning - excluded files and added the bitshares install file. That worked for me
it runs up and stays live now.

Thanks again

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please check Anti-virus software or close for a while

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I have had to and (try)move my existing cloud wallet to another machine
but each time I install it on my new windows 10 laptop, the new wallet will run for 10 seconds, close down and delete itsself..???

I have my original machine powered off at the same time (I am loathed to uninstall it it first incase my new install does now work).

Is there something, some other export step that needs to be done ? I cant find it for the wallet version. I havnt been able to find a clear instruction on this.

Any help appreciated