Author Topic: I'm betting on Waves to become the best platform for smart contracts  (Read 2077 times)

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I'm bullish on Waves for a few reasons:

1. It's the only decentralized exchange that has fiat gateways.                                                                           
2. Their smart contracts are working right now on the testnet, and they'll have Turing-complete smart contracts on the mainnet by the end of the year.                                                                           
3. Its consensus algorithm, LPoS, does more than 100tps right now, and this number can be expanded greatly (it's actually the only crypto-project using LPoS; it has shown that it can stay decentralized).                                                                           
4. Transaction costs are very low and this won't change, because the fee is fixed. Right now they cost around $0.0045 per transaction, therefore with $1 you can do 222 transactions.                                                                           
5. The token creation is done via their main client, which is actually by far the most user friendly and featured wallet out there. Just try it and you'll probably end up agreeing with me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
6. They have extremely active software development: - 36 repositories, half of which have had code added in the past week.                                                                           
Do your own research as always, as this is just my opinion.