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List of updates:

- We decided to take the things at a faster pace and created the designs of the web platform.
- We've updated our roadmap
- We've updated our whitepaper
- Along with CEN tokens, you may also book the sessions using your bank cards and paypal.
- Initially we decided that each session would consist of 60 mins, however now we've decided into 3 different packages. 15 Mins / 30 Mins / 60 Mins.
- We've submitted the application for the company registration and it should be ready by next week.
- We've relocated our HQ to Baku-Azerbaijan for the reasons that its crypto-friendly and welcome foreign businesses.

NOTE: We're also working on the bounty distribution. If you still haven't received your bounty tokens, please claim them by filling out these forms.

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Our updated bounty sections should be ready by 5/10/2018.

White-listing and Round 1 token distribution is starting from 10 May 2018.

Offline Centaure

Private sale has started with the hard cap of 500 ETH. Avail this opportunity to receive rate of 5000 CEN/ETH