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Hello Bitshares! It's been quite a while since we've checked in here. Since that time we've launched the beta phase of our UI at complete with fiat bridges and password recovery for new accounts created through our UI as well as started our token campaign (more info on that at Now we are happy to announce that we have launched our first crypto gateway with EasyDex.BTC! Our Bitcoin gateway has many interesting features that we think really sets us apart from the other gateways on Bitshares. For one thing, instead of having a (high) set withdrawal fee, our gateway allows users to set their own approximate miner fee. I say approximate because the Bitcoin software doesn't allow us to set the actual satoshi amount of a transaction, only the fee per byte and since the amount of bytes a transaction will require depends on previous deposits making it impossible to predict the actual fee. However, even the  minimum withdrawal fee of 3000 satoshis should be more than sufficient to ensure that your withdrawal arrives in your wallet in a timely fashion while being several times cheaper than any other gateway or even centralized exchange that we've ever used. However, you won't have to wait long to find out because we send your withdrawal right away. That's right, those nervous times of anxiously waiting for your withdrawal to appear in your wallet as a pending transaction are over! The moment your withdrawal is received we put the transaction on the blockchain and it should show up in your wallet as a pending transaction by the time you can click over to your wallet. Of course, there is no deposit fee so all you have to pay is the approximate miner fee of your choice and the competitive 0.2% market fee, half of which gets sharedropped on Portfolio Builder token (EASYDEX.PB) holders! In addition, our dev team is already hard at work building our next gateway: EasyDex.STEEM and EasyDex.SBD which should be released in a few days. After that we will begin working on an EOS mainnet gateway followed by probably LTC before beginning work on an ETH gateway where we can also include a variety of ERC20 tokens. As always, there will be only a 0.2% market fee half of which gets sharedropped on PB token holders and users will be able to set their own miner (or gas, etc) fees on all applicable tokens. If you have any questions, comments, token suggestions or just want to chat with our amazing team we invite you all to join us on Telegram at or on Discord at or simply reply to this thread.
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Re: EasyDex Bitcoin Gateway Launched! Lots of Exciting Features!
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Hello newbie easydex from another newbie :D
I love that upcoming bridges list and can't wait to collect more easydex portfolio builder tokens to get those all sharedrops listed above :D
I want to chat with your AMAZING team so im headed straight towards your discord server xD

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Re: EasyDex Bitcoin Gateway Launched! Lots of Exciting Features!
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This is great news!  :)

I have been using Easydex for a while now and it is indeed very easy, fast and fun to use.

The fiat deposit works perfectly and the password recovery is a true game changer.