Author Topic: pybitshares: "You already have created a wallet!"  (Read 1167 times)

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Wallet is just wording here. There is no connection (technical nor official) between the wallet of pybitshares and the wallet you created on

The pybitshares wallet is located as a encrypted sqlite database in in ~/.local/share/bitshares/bitshares.sqlite

Hope that helps

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I (naively) ran the code in the prologue of the pybitshares docs:

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from bitshares import BitShares
bitshares = BitShares()

And after being unable to unlock the wallet for a transfer:

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from bitshares import BitShares
bitshares = BitShares()
bitshares.transfer("<to>", "<amount>", "<asset>", "[<memo>]", account="<from>")

I found  a website that converts to and from WIF keys ( and (naively) used that to create a wallet (unaware of this information on how to create a real wallet and add a WIF key given here -

So, now I am stuck with having created a wallet that is not truly on the bitshares blockchain.

I would like to completely erase the wallet I (naively) created.
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pip uninstall bitshares ; pip install bitshares did not get rid of the wallet I created but can no longer get in.
I would like to instead run the wallet creation code with the wallet I just created. There is a small problem though: when I went to to create the wallet, it seems that it was created as a sub-account of "floatation8" not as a full-account. The reason I say that is that the account I created (adsactlybot8) has no password - at no point in the account creation process was I prompted to enter a password for the new account. This I do not see how wallet.create('secret-passphrase') would work: is this passphrase supposed to be the same as the one when the wallet was created or a new one?