Author Topic: Request for a subforum to discuss about a potential DPoS project: SEER  (Read 6387 times)

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Hi, Mr. Admin.
Thanks for reading this request!
We come from SEER.
Our official website is, and the forum is
Have you heard of this project? Recently it has been listed on Bitfinex, it's a prediction blockchain platform, and we have a lot resources in sports industry, also have good relationships with the government of Hainan province, China, and got the exclusive operation certificate there in May, 2018.
We want to apply for a subforum here to discuss about this project, since it also takes DPoS as its consensus mechanism. We will follow the forum rules and try the best to bring high-level discussions here.
Currently people can purchase SEER on the following exchanges: Bitfinex, AEX, Lbank, GDEX(gdex.seer:bitcny), Coinex, Xbrick, etc.
Please check our project through website, forum or social media, and give us a chance, thank you very much!
More questions, please join our Telegram Group:
Yours sincerely,
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