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[Worker Proposal] New Sleek and Fresh Bitshares Frontend
« on: July 24, 2018, 11:27:57 pm »
Hello awesome Bitshares community. Today I propose a worker to create a new and fresh website/front-end for the Bitshares blockchain.

Who Am I?
I am a full stack React Developer. I love JavaScript, Node.JS, React,, and more libraries. I have done work for the Steem blockchain (un-official work, such as I have been programming since 6 years ago. I started off this HTML and CSS, and then into PHP, and MySQL. I dabbled into a bit of Angular, until I found the best language and library: React and JavaScript.

I've also been a user of cryptocurrencies for years now. I came onto Steem and Bitshares around 10 months ago. I have run a witness node for Steem as well.

Why A New Website? Why not help the current one?
While I plan on still helping the current bitshares-ui team, I also feel a fresh new start, and look on things, can in turn create another great and useful website. I am making a sleek, easy to use, user interface.

Have I started? How long will it take? What about updates?
I have started, I have a github repository here: There will be all the code I write. I plan on taking less than 2 months to create this site. I don't believe I'll go over, I'm hoping it will be a lot less of a time frame. Once the initial site is up and going, there might be bugs (as in anything). I will make another worker to continue patches and improvements. If you feel like I did a good job here, you can then approve that one.

Who will you work with? Why all alone?
Well I'll work with any open source contributors, but I will work mainly alone (if no one else helps). Why this not a team? Well because for one the cost is down, two there is less communication needed to confirm and do different things, and three I will be able to use full imagination to create the best website for Bitshares.

Do you have a mockup, or preview?
As I said above, I have started to work on the site. <- that is the login form (does nothing yet). Sadly I don't have any UI mockups to show other than that. I plan on using Github pages which'll host a preview once some dents have been made in progress.

  • 2500 BTS per day.
  • I will try to work around 6-8 hours a day.
  • I will take BTS not bitUSD, as I believe in Bitshares.
  • I will put a worklog on this proposal post each week. If I do not work a lot that week, I work longer the next.

I'm hoping to get funding, but even without that I plan to continue this venture.

I look forward to working with the Bitshares community.
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Re: [Worker Proposal] New Sleek and Fresh Bitshares Frontend
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2018, 07:27:32 am »
Hello Kenneth,

happy to have you join the BitShares community, especially as a frontend developer!

Without discussing the content of you account, I want to remark on your proposal from a business point of view. Basically all the past workers have been bitUSD workers as the are far superior as risk of price fluctuations (that goes for the community to not overpay, and for you to not get underpaid). I think the bigger proxies only vote for bitUSD worker, I might be wrong there (I myself do not carry significant voting weight). Also, for you as a newcomer I would suggest to include some kind of escrow in the proposal.

Hope to hear from you,