Author Topic: Why DEEX is the the best platform that meets the ideology of decentralization.  (Read 1007 times)

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In every business, there is a specificity. The cryptocurrency business is not an exception. Long past the time of self-taught and universal individuals. Now the specialization has reached such depth and complexity that only a professional who is regularly engaged in business can provide the necessary help or service. It is no longer enough to be just an intelligent person and to have an idea of something (even if not superficial), now you need to have all the depth of knowledge on the topic and to orientate yourself well in the rapid information flow. Only real professionals can effectively understand the intricacies and subtleties of the movement of cryptocurrency and use it with profit.

Blockchain is the basis of the DEEX platform ( Of course, Bitshares 2.0 (Graphene) — is the basis for other exchanges, such as Bithares, RuDEX, etc. as well. However, the important difference lies in the implementation of the superior functionality of this blockchain in the DEEX in comparison with the mentioned examples.
As an example, if you compare DEEX with the RuDEX exchange, then you can immediately identify a number of advantages which guarantee DEEX users significantly better working conditions and a number of additional useful features.

High liquidity and a large number of trading pairs

The already announced interest of a group of investors and large cryptocurrency traders allows us to forecast liquidity in the DEEX ecosystem at the level of tens of millions of dollars and a constant interest in trading.

The big problem of all DEX-exchanges is their low liquidity and low trading activity of the participants. This acts as a vicious circle: few participants — few trades, few trades — few participants.

We are confident that the provided convenient and efficient trading functionality and the great interest of potential traders will make DEEX the most liquid platform among other DEX-exchanges.

24/7 technical support

DEEX will provide its customers with 24/7 support services without the need of many hours, days or even weeks expectations in the event of any or problems or difficulties appearance. Moreover, support will be provided in several languages, so the typical picture of all DEX-exchanges — the lack of operational feedback — will be solved for the first time in DEEX.

Desktop and mobile application (Android, IOs) for trading

At the present moment, all DEX-exchanges work exclusively through third-party browser applications that are not initially optimized for the purposes of exchange trading. Such solutions carry many risks — Internet blocking of exchange sites, technical bugs, slow speed of work, security.

A special desktop and mobile DEEX application avoids the aforementioned risks and allows to significantly faster update the functionality of programs accordingly to the user’s needs and requests.

Convenient GUI compatible with the most modern browsers

In addition to a special program for PCs and smartphones, the DEEX GUI (graphical user interface) will be greatly improved for working through the common browsers allowing our customers to work with any browser they prefer.

Trading robots

At the present moment, there is no good, functional and reliable trading robot in any ordinary DEX-exchange. The existing offers are more like toys for a narrow circle of specialists rather than a tool for a wide range of traders. A functional and convenient trading robot will be implemented for the first time in DEEX. This option develops accordingly to the comments that can be found on the forums and in the comments of specialists.

Decentralized blockchain crypto fund

The DEEX ecosystem allows the creation of a special blockchain crypto fund managed by DEEX professional traders and issuing the corresponding token with automatic placement on all DEX-exchanges and leading centralized cryptocurrencies exchanges.
Since this fund will be realized on the blockchain, all investors can always be aware of the operations, assess their effectiveness and see the real profit from their investments. The transparency of blockchain is the option which is needed to the traditional management companies and funds who can “draw” almost any amount of money on the balance sheets of its customers, while the actual financial situation may significantly vary.

Detailed and constantly updated documentation

On modern DEX-exchanges there is almost no accessible and understandable description of functions and capabilities both for professionals and ordinary users. On most issues, we have to conduct our own information investigation to more or less understand the necessary issue. Even the instructions for first acquaintance on all DEX are the copies from the first original and are no longer updated.