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June 8th, Mr. Hernán Crespo, the vice president of Italy Parma club, the former Argentina national football player, known as the “Serie A Golden Boots”, made a special trip to SEER Office in Beijing, to discuss the co-operations with the team of SEER, and its Dapps, Octopaul and Powerfans. All parties reached consensus on Crespo’s effort to help to promote and launch the ecological applications of SEER worldwide.

(Crespo, SEER, Octopaul and Powerfans team talks)

During the period of World Cup, SEER will launch global projects and use blockchain technology to empower the sports industry. The cooperation with Mr. Crespo is just the first step. In addition, SEER will open the European market.

SEER will always move forward as it promised in the terms of “what to do and how to do it” ! In the future, more Dapps with excellent resource will be built up on SEER.

(Crespo and Wu Gang, Founder of Gedoumi, SEER Investment Representative)

( Crespo and SEER Ecological Project Team )

The CCTV World Cup fans’ day 2018 Crespo Chinese fans meeting was held in the morning of June 7th and CCTV5 had an exclusive report about it. Wu Gang, the founder of Powerfans, SEER investment representative, and Chen Lei, the founder of Fans Union, Octopaul investment representative, attended the meeting and participated in the interview.

During the event, many fans including Li Ming, the chief of multi-terminal channel of the World Cup CCTV website and the CEO of Future TV, shared their stories with Crespo and the World Cup. Crespo said in the interview that he will always stick to his own original intentions, maintain the original look, and keep going on the road of football.

Wu Gang, SEER investment representative, said in the interview that blockchain technology can make user demand-oriented football operation model into a reality, which is very difficult to be successful in the traditional internet business model about event crowdfounding. For example, the World Cup Final in 1998, the Brazilian team lost to French team, Millions of fans in the world were extremely sad. Through blockchain crowdfunding, two teams can play again after the final match.

With 10 years working experience in the sport industry, it makes him understand the demand of this field very well. SEER is a public chain serves the sport industry, and it is easy to build up Dapps on it, as its technology is not hard to understand for traditional IT workers. Meanwhile, its speed is up to 3300 TPS, which can fully meet the needs of large-scale commercial business usage.

Chen Lei, investment representative of Octopaul, said at the event that during the World Cup, their team will invite their fans to join together and enjoy the World Cup night. Meanwhile, the Dapp called Octopaul based on SEER will be launched, users can start to use this Dapp to win OPC tokens. Through blockchain technology, it can achieve a fair and open prediction, and provide a better experience while watching the football match. He predicted that Crespo will become an excellent football head coach after 10 years, and he will do his best to do meaningful things in football.