Author Topic: Spark announces new roadmap with token buyback date  (Read 6318 times)

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Hi Sparkdex

I have been a ZEPH holder for long and I am actively liquidating the market. I am a Nigeria and I wonder why you don't have an asset pegged to the country's currency NAIRA (NGN). Will there be a SPARKDEX.NGN in the future? Lots of Nigerians will be interested in this.

Who can I talk to about this?

Offline spark

It is quiet here because bitspark is nothing but an ignorant fail so far.

So you thought you would create a subforum here for bitspark and then try to re-brand as spark just to be a dick to me and my Spark token.

Not surprised to see your thievery isn't quite working out yet.

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Great job with the buy back last month. If anyone is thjnkngkt is a bit quiet here I suggest to join their telegram group as Spark are very active at providing updates.