Author Topic: Sent Monero to Bitshares - Binance says "Completed" but nothing there 24hrs latr  (Read 1265 times)

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Can anyone advise me?  I sent some Monero from Binance to Bitshares... first i sent a test amount and then it went thru, no problem.  And then I sent some more and it did not get there; but BitFinance shows that the coins have been sent and the transaction is "completed".  What do i do to find these. 

Here is the transaction ID:  bef256473e0a88da18a5b2be6f74abf879204653e0d35e8d73eaf6625cde3e0c   and Binance declares that the transaction is "Completed", yet the amount it claims it sent, and the amount  listed in the transaction ID do not match.  and it obviously never made it to Bitshares exchange.  Unless someone has simply not hit the "email" accept there kinda the way we need to do when we send coins form binance and other exchanges.  I'm not sure how an decentralized exchange wld handle that, but looking for thoughts. 

Thank you very much. 
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Please contact the gateway that you used. I assume Citadel?

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I sugegst you connect to support at OpenLedger, as far as I understand they are the only ones supporting Monero?

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