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SEER Weekly Report
A. Project development schedule
1.Part of blockchain:
A. Improve the prediction participation history: the history is more complete and detailed and easy to front-end query.
B. Update the room logic adjustment to make it more reasonable: all parameters outside the room money pool can be updated when the room is closed.
C. Functional completeness check before the mainnet (whether there is overflow, positive or negative operation, etc...).
D. Genesis block configuration and commissioning of the mainet.

(SEER code latest update)

2.GUI wallet:
A. Optimize the GUI according to the public beta feedback: adjust the page display logic of the room update, and change the margin history account.
B. Complete inspection before the mainnet.

(SEER code latest update)

B. Operation schedule
1.SEER was invited to participate in the 2018 Global Graphene Blockchain Developers Conference
On May 5-6, the 2018 Global Graphene Blockchain Developers Conference was held at the Shanghai Himalayan Center Grand Stage. The world's top graphene technology makers and blockchain participants gathered together to talk about blockchain technology endless possibilities. As a well-known project based on the development of graphene blockchain bottom layer, SEER was invited to participate in the conference, and communicated with guests from all over the world and SEER community enthusiasts inside and outside the venue.

2.SEER listed on AEX
SEER will be launched on May 8, 2018, AEX (
Trading arrangement: Open recharge on May 8th, follow-up open withdrawal
Trading hours: May 10
Trading Area: CNC Trading Area

Celebrate SEER online AEX,
Give 14000000SEER!
Beijing time from May 8th to May 17th,
As long as the user recharges and trades SEER,
There is an opportunity to divide 14000000 SEER.
stay tuned!

Reward 1: recharge 4000000SEER≈520000CNC
Activity time: 12:00 on May 8 to 12:00 on May 17
During the event, SEER net recharge (recharge-withdrawal) ranks in the top 150 and the recharge amount accumulates ≥50000SEER, the following rewards are available:
No. 1: 188888SEER ≈ 24555CNC
No. 2-3: 148888SEER≈19355CNC per person
No. 4-6: 68881SEER≈8955CNC per person
No.7-10: 46666SEER≈6067CNC per person
No.11-20: 38888SEER≈5055CNC per person
No.21-50: 28888SEER≈3755CNC per person
No. 51-90: 21999SEER≈2860CNC per person
No.91-150: 16353SEER ≈ 2126CNC per person

Reward 2: Transaction is willing to send 1700000SEER≈222672CNC
Activity time: May 10th, 11:00 to May 17th, 12:00
Users who are ranked in the top 30 SEER trading volume (buy + sell) and have a transaction amount of ≥60000SEER can get the following rewards:
No.1: 118888SEER≈15455CNC
No. 2-3: 99999SEER ≈13000CNC per person
No.4-6: 46666SEER≈6067CNC per person
No.7-10: 38888SEER≈5055CNC per person
No.11-30: 22888SEER≈2975CNC per person
No.31-80: 12813SEER ≈1666CNC per person

Reward 3, 4200000SEER Super Benefits
From May 11th to 16th, Super Benefits will send 729000SEER, and the remaining SEER will be issued in the follow-up welfare agency, so stay tuned. "AEX Super Benefits" is open every day at 12:00 noon (Beijing time), don't miss it!
Special notice:
On May 11th, 130000SEER≈16900CNC, divided into 800 parts, about 21.13CNC/serving
On May 12, 124000SEER≈16120CNC, divided into 800 parts, about 20.15CNC/serving
On May 13th, 200000SEER≈26000CNC, divided into 1000 parts, about 26CNC/serving
On May 15th, 145000SEER≈18850CNC, divided into 800 parts, about 23.56CNC/serving
On May 16th, 130000SEER≈16900CNC, divided into 800 parts, about 21.13CNC/serving

2. On May 5th, SEER officially launched QTBC ( and opened the SEER/CNYT transaction pair.

3. The famous football player Hao Haidong congratulated SEER public beta on the Weibo, and many media reported the news.

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