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SEER Weekly Report
A. Project development schedule
1.Part of blockchain:
A. Safety inspection and testing before the mainnet online.

B. Optimize some details during inspection and testing

C. Technical cooperation with dapp development

(SEER code latest update)

2. GUI wallet:
A. Complete inspection before the mainnet online.

(SEER code latest update)

B. Operation schedule
1. World Cup quiz game Dapp Octopaul announced that it will airdrop on SEER users
The first Dapp octopaul based on graphene forecast market SEER public blockchain recently released news on its official Weibo @章鱼宝octopaul, according to reports, the product is expected to go online before the World Cup. The SEER public chain can be up to 3,300 TPS concurrently, more than 100 times that of Ethereum, meeting the performance requirements of the predicted market products. Octopaul will take a snapshot of the SEER mainnet account balance and airdrop, the airdrop plan and the exchange's online date will be announced in the near future.

Octopaul is a football-themed quiz game DAPP based on graphene predictive market SEER public blockchain. It provides a multi-centered, traceable and non-tamperable game experience for gamers through blockchain technology. The octopaul team and the investors have been deeply involved in the sports industry for many years. They have rich industry resources and have cooperated with the world's top football clubs, sports brokers and fan alliances such as Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Riverbed, Boca, and Athletics.
With millions of fans fan base. The octopaul DAPP will be launched before the 2018 World Cup.

2.SEER and AEX giveaways keep on going

SEER cooperates with AEX
Give 14000000SEER!
Beijing time from May 8th to May 17th,
As long as the user recharges and trades SEER,
There is an opportunity to divide 14000000 SEER.
stay tuned!
Reward 1: Recharge 4000000SEER≈520000CNC
Activity time: 12:00 on May 8 to 12:00 on May 17
During the event, SEER net recharge (recharge-withdrawal) ranks in the top 150 and the recharge amount accumulates ≥50000SEER, the following rewards are available:

No. 1: 188888SEER ≈ 24555CNC
No. 2-3: 148888SEER ≈19355CNC per person
No. 4-6: 68881SEER≈8955CNC per person
No. 7-10: 46666SEER≈6067CNC per person
No. 11-20: 38888SEER≈5055CNC per person
No. 21-50: 28888SEER≈3755CNC per person
No. 51-90: 21999SEER≈2860CNC per person
No. 91-150: 16353SEER ≈ 2126CNC per person
The following is the recharge data from 12:00 on May 8, 2018 to 00:00 on May 16
If the ranking is juxtaposed, the refilling completion time is obtained earlier.

Reward 2: transaction will be given 1700000SEER≈222672CNC
Activity time: May 10th, 11:00 to May 17th, 12:00
Users who are ranked in the top 30 SEER trading volume (buy + sell) and have a transaction amount of ≥60000SEER can get the following rewards:
No.1: 118888SEER≈15455CNC
No. 2-3: 99999SEER ≈13000CNC per person
No.4-6: 46666SEER≈6067CNC per person
No.7-10: 38888SEER≈5055CNC per person
No.11-30: 22888SEER≈2975CNC per person
No.31-80: 12813SEER ≈1666CNC per person

This list data is available until 00:00 on May 15th. If the ranking is juxtaposed, the refilling completion time is obtained earlier.

Reward 3, 4200000SEER Super Benefits
From May 11th to 16th, Super Benefits will send 729000SEER, and the remaining SEER will be issued in the follow-up welfare agency, so stay tuned. "AEX Super Benefits" is open every day at 12:00 noon (Beijing time), don't miss it!
Special notice:
On May 11th, 130000SEER≈16900CNC, divided into 800 parts, about 21.13CNC/serving
On May 12, 124000SEER≈16120CNC, divided into 800 parts, about 20.15CNC/serving
On May 13th, 200000SEER≈26000CNC, divided into 1000 parts, about 26CNC/serving
On May 15th, 145000SEER≈18850CNC, divided into 800 parts, about 23.56CNC/serving
On May 16th, 130000SEER≈16900CNC, divided into 800 parts, about 21.13CNC/serving

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