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SEER Weekly Report
A. Project development schedule
1. Implement batch transfer function on cli_wallet to support DAPP airdrop;

2. Fix the problem that the witness loses more than 50% and only punishes one day, and recovers to punishment for 2 days;

3, update the room to send the award logic, the end of the award to the homeowner settlement: before the homeowner needs to manually receive the remaining balance;

4. Upgrade of the market's adjustment function;

5. Upgrade of advanced gameplay settings;

6. Upgrade the display mode of the main webpage wallet gateway;

7, the official website upgrade: new node and desktop wallet download method.

B. Operation schedule
1. The Board of Directors accepted the new version of the node through the first consensus voting proposal, requiring all the main witnesses to switch to the new node software version before 8:00 am on June 25, 2018 Singapore time.The unswitched witness node will be offline;

2. At present, 64 witnesses have participated in the election, locking 458 million SEERs, exceeding 10% of the market capitalization of SEER;

3. The octopaul Dapp is officially launched and iteratively improved, and the registration of the coin transfer activities, users can use the octopaul DAPP to predict the World Cup.

Up to now, the total number of participants in the octopaul World Cup quiz has been 2,212 person-times, and the total amount of participation in the forecast is 692,453 OPC.

The highest level of participation was in Germany vs Mexico, with 119,759 OPC and 279 participants in the competition.

More benefits
The octopaul has been put into use, and please look forward to other DAPP development.

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