Author Topic: Create your own exchange on BitShares network with whitelabel solution  (Read 2697 times)

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The only thing that made me wonder is "decentralized trading engine", but I guess that's just me doing terminology again :D

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Create your own decentralized trading engine (DTP) with 50+ cryptocurrency gateways and optional thousands of assets

Looking to start your own exchange using the most established and fully functional trading engine on the market and make use of all available tools to enable automode cryptocurrency gateways?

We are talking the BitShares trading engine of course and connected with the 50+ cryptocurrency gateways of OpenLedger you will have a unique position to market yourself immediately provided you have the proper marketing resources at hand.

White label exchange solution for crypto businesses

Launching your own cryptocurrency exchange? Tap our ready made decentralized platform with no hassle setup.

Please go to our website to hook you up and arrange meeting for further talks thanks


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