Author Topic: [ANN][BOUNTY] Introducing EasyLife-- A system of inter-operating blockchains!  (Read 660 times)

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The creators of EasyDex are happy to announce our latest project – The EasyLife system of inter-operating blockchains. Built on top of the Bitshares platform, EasyLife will bring fast and scalable decentralized (graphene-based) solutions to many fields including censorship-resistant, monetized social and user-created media platforms, decentralized gig economy applications, and many more features and functions to benefit everyone from ordinary users to business and technical professionals. EasyLife will work natively with Bitshares which will function as the economic hub of the system while EasySocial (the first chain in the system, currently under development) will function as the social hub of the system. To find out more visit or join the community on Discord and/or Telegram. For the Bitshares community anyone who joins our Discord and leaves their bitshares username in the #bitsharestalk-bounty room will receive 5 bounty tokens redeemable for stake in the EasySocial chain on mainnet launch.
Check us out at!