Author Topic: the most important thing is get more wise vote proxy  (Read 384 times)

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the most important thing is get more wise vote proxy
« on: November 27, 2018, 03:55:34 am »
As we have seen, xeroc who is the bigest proxy with about 150 millions shares,
But he is very lack of trade acknowledge, and it's his blind that lead to this black swan event directely.
there are many changce that we can fix it before this happen, but he is always blind and do nothing to help.

so we all have learned that how important that we need more wise vote proxy.
I would ask @stan or any other share holders, remove xeroc as your proxy,
give the trust to others more wise  like @thul3 @pc

BitUSD has arround 12 pm triggered global settlement.Borrowing no more possible.
I'm sorry to the people who lost money because of this event.

congrats @xeroc

Who were the main supporters of BSIP42 even seeing that open margin calls are not being eaten.
They just watched from the side doing NOTHING to rescue that situation but instead celebrate that BSIP42 ,Witnesses and themself as proxies have not being downvoted much because of the global settlement event and even making fun that DEX had today the highest volume.

You guys are disgusting
They made way more disgusting comments but i will make an article about it to settle up their actions and of witnesses who screwed up totaly.
the other three support manipulation because they have heavy short position.
xeroc is the most stupid one, without any trader knowledge but gain too many support through the proxy.
It's very important that we need tell more people how stupid xeroc are, and should remove him from the vote proxy. or he will do more stupid things in the future.

by the way, do you have any idea why the witness give bitUSD's feed price to real price suddenly while keep bitCNY as before?
I have mentioned them should give a feed price higher than global settle price to give more time to eatern the margin call order, but again they screw up it.