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Hello, friends!
We believe in Open source, Graphene and crowd power.
And we made Bitshares wallet like fork of by
I asked Jeremy add MIT license

And he did it!

Cool! Right now you ALREADY can build your APK file for Android from source
Or wait 24 hours and I'll upload the build to github for alphatesters.
Send us a letter with subject Alpha to [email protected] and be alphatester today.
I'll make Worker Proposal at Bitshares in 24 hours and you'll can vote it.
Next event - upload to Google play
We like and prefer android OS, because it's free and open kernel
And Android has open source base.
We not sure people use Bitshares on full proprietary platform like iOS, but we want make two Worker Proposals for iOS second one.

Short overview:
 1. Native android platform application. We tested cross-platform technology and it's not right way.
 2. Registration on Bitshares blockchain in mobile application. No web version needed.
 3. Login model Account and first of Wallet
 4. English, German, Spain, Chinese and Russian languages.
 5. Exchange
 6. PalmPay QR-code support. You can read about it here

Total price: 200000 BTS
total duration: Already use! Developing was start 3 month ago.

What to do next?
  • Option to use the LTM to referral a new user
  • Voting
  • Collateral
  • LTM status and payment history
  • Vesting
  • Multisig
  • Explorer
  • And many other features

p.s. Before start developing we made research and test all of mobile wallet for android with open source for Android OS.

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