Author Topic: Low-Feeding Witnesses **ck yo*  (Read 1035 times)

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I do understand your feelings, but it's not just CNY. Look at entire DEX. BTC is 33% higher, EOS, anything. BitUSD is under Global Settlement and it makes all much harder than just CNY feed. Eventually it's up to the stakeholders which witness will remain active or not, this way of expressing your emotions will not actually do anything good.

Keep threads, behavior and expressions at least decent if not professional, this is not a junk board - to prevent lock of the topic.

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Witnesses with low price - are witnesses with real price. They do their work fair and not manipulate of price for support only one side - borrowers. Without fair feed prices - bitshares - scamDEX

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Low-Feeding Witnesses  **ck yo*
Blocking the rise of bts, bitcny premium is too high, causing no one to buy.
Malicious killing

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